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 "The world is a better place with creative people in it" Part I -- by Sigrun Erna Geirsdottir
Tuesday, 28 Oct at 10:50

National Novel Writing Month, or Nano as it is lovingly known among us writers, plays an important part in many writers? lives.
Each fall we gear up and get ready for the writing frenzy that starts November 1st when we have to produce at least 1667 words per day to reach that 50,000 word goal and become Nano winners.
We at Critique-Circle have long admired this event and so we decided this year to become an official sponsor and in that way help in strengthening this important event even further.
We also wanted to hear more about what drives the wonderful staff behind Nano and maybe get some tips on how to become a winner, so we called up Grant Faulkner, Executive Director at NanoWriMo and long-time Nano participant.  [more...]
Response from Imjustdru 29 Oct at 00:55
I'm not participating in Nano but I will say to those who are: May the best man get published!   [read this response]

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