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 Don't Whitewash History -- by Mysti Parker
Wednesday, 26 Aug at 08:49

To this day, I remember one important piece of feedback from a classmate: ?Don?t whitewash history.?

I couldn?t wrap my head around why he would say that. I?d avoided the use of racial slurs. I?d put the former slaves on equal ground with their white neighbors, shaking hands and chatting it up like I?d do with any of my friends of color today. Wouldn?t readers get mad at me if I wrote the ?n? word and portrayed racism in its hateful reality? What did I, a middle-class white woman in the 21st century, know about the struggle of black Americans to rise out of bondage to find their place in a free world that hated them? What right did I have to portray those ugly truths as they happened?  [more...]
Response from Imjustdru 26 Aug at 13:49
I'll be the first to say you did the right thing. There are dark moments in history that we all s...  [read this response]

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