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 Say What? Some Words About Dialogue, That?s What -- by Allison Maruska
Monday, Yesterday at 08:50

Dialogue is one of my favorite elements of fiction. While it seems to only show two characters shooting the breeze or arguing, it really does so much more than that.
It moves the overall story forward.
It reveals character.
It provides action within a scene.
It quickens the pace of the narrative.
It provides tension and subtext.
Of course, in order for all these things to occur, the dialogue must be written well. There are many great posts and books out there on the topic of dialogue construction, and definitely check those out as well. This is my attempt at succinctly describing what I think are the most important aspects of dialogue.  [more...]
Response from Sac Yesterday at 20:21
Allison leaned and and whispered, "read my blog post."   [read all 2 responses...]

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