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 How automated grammar and style checkers can (and can't) help you -- by Allen Tiffany
Saturday, 20 Sep at 08:42

We think of ourselves as writers. Few of us think of ourselves as editors. Of course, we all want our submissions to be grammatically and stylistically close to perfect.

Where can we find help? We could go to a commercially available editing house. A Google search will list hundreds of them. They usually charge at least two cents a word and offer a universe of possible services (which can cost much more). A simple copy editing of a 3K word story would cost you at least $60.

Worse than the cost, it is difficult to figure out the good from the bad editors, though online reviews can help. In addition, each requires a discrete contract and payment, and a few days to get the job done. Generally, if you are willing to pay a premium, you get it back faster.

An alternative is to use a software grammar or style checker.

The intent of this article is to provide insight into these SW products, how to use them, and their pros and cons. This is not a full review of any of them, and it is not a review of everything available on the market, though I?ll hit on a few of the biggest.   [more...]
Response from Nainy Today at 11:32
I read reviews of the Hemingway app, and people claim it rates the man himself raging from "bad" ...  [read all 2 responses...]

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