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 Pacing and Tension: A Feedback Loop -- by Suzie Quint
Sunday, 25 Jan at 02:30

One bit of wisdom that comes with experience is that in tense scenes you want the pacing to pop. The tricks of the trade for fast tension? Short sentences, short paragraphs, everything short. Boom. Boom. Boom. Pop. Pop. Pop.

In general, I believe that. And yet . . . I've read scenes where the author has dragged the tension out for pages and pages. Almost to the point where it's been painful for me as reader. Nothing fast about that.   [more...]
Response from Dangit Yesterday at 19:25
Quote by: Marzipan77 Card's 'Ender's Game' was the first novel of his that I read and there...  [read all 14 responses...]

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