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  • Bearing or bringing disease.
  • Infected with or contaminated by a pestilential disease.
  • Morally evil or dangerous to society; pernicious.
  • Bothersome; troublesome; annoying.
  • Very satisfactory; fine.
18 Feblumpen
  • Of or relating to dispossessed and displaced individuals, especially those who have lost social status.
  • Common; vulgar.
17 Febstygian
  • Of or pertaining to the river Styx, the principal river of the underworld in Greek mythology; hence, hellish; infernal.
  • Dark and dismal.
16 Febambuscade
  • An ambush.
15 Febindurate
  • To make hard; to harden.
  • To harden against; to make hardy; to habituate.
  • To make hardened; to make callous or stubborn.
  • To establish; to fix firmly.
14 Febvituperation
  • The act or an instance of speaking abusively to or about.
  • Sustained and severely abusive language.
13 Febaborning
  • While being produced or born.
12 Febcormorant
  • Any species of Phalacrocorax, a genus of sea birds having a sac under the beak; the shag. Cormorants devour fish voraciously, and have become the emblem of gluttony. They are generally black, and hence are called sea ravens, and coalgeese.
  • A gluttonous, greedy, or rapacious person.
11 Febbon vivant
  • A person with refined and sociable tastes, especially one who enjoys fine food and drink.
10 FebMethuselah
  • The name of a biblical patriarch said to have lived 969 years.
  • An extremely old man.
9 Febeddy
  • A current of air or water running in a direction contrary to the main current, or moving in a circular direction; a whirlpool.
  • A tendency or current (as of opinion or history) contrary to or separate from a main current.
8 Febpunctilio
  • A fine point of exactness in conduct, ceremony, or procedure.
  • Strictness or exactness in the observance of formalities; as, "the punctilios of a public ceremony."
7 Febimprimatur
  • Official license or approval to print or publish a book, paper, etc.; especially, such a license issued by the Roman Catholic episcopal authority.
  • Approval; sanction.
  • A mark of approval or distinction.
6 Febprovidential
  • Of or resulting from divine direction or superintendence.
  • Occurring through or as if through divine intervention; peculiarly fortunate or appropriate.
5 Febfructuous
  • Fruitful; productive.
4 Febmegrim
  • A migraine.
  • A fancy; a whim.
  • In the plural: lowness of spirits -- often with 'the'.
3 Feblapidary
  • Of or pertaining to the art of cutting stones or engraving on them.
  • Engraved in stone.
  • Of or pertaining to the refined or terse style associated with inscriptions on monumental stone.
2 Febensorcell
  • To enchant; to bewitch.
1 Febaerie
  • The bird's nest built on a lofty place, such as a cliff or mountaintop.
  • A dwelling or stronghold located in a lofty place.
31 Janroborant
  • Strengthening; restoring vigor.
30 Janincarnadine
  • Having a fleshy pink color.
  • Red; blood-red.
29 Jansciolism
  • Superficial knowledge; a superficial show of learning.
28 Janbeau ideal
  • A perfect or an idealized type or model.
27 Jantreacly
  • Like, or composed of, treacle.
  • Overly sweet or sentimental.
26 Janeructation
  • The act of belching; a belch.
25 Jandraconian
  • Pertaining to Draco, a lawgiver of Athens, 621 B.C.
  • Excessively harsh; severe.
24 Janpandemic
  • Affecting a whole people or a number of countries; everywhere epidemic.
23 Jantete-a-tete
  • A private conversation between two people.
  • A short sofa intended to accommodate two persons.
22 Janmisprize
  • To hold in contempt.
  • To undervalue.
21 Janquisling
  • Someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying his or her country; a traitor.
20 Jannolens volens
  • Whether unwilling or willing.
19 Janpeccant
  • Sinning; guilty of transgression.
  • Violating a rule or a principle.
18 Janwoolgathering
  • Indulgence in idle daydreaming.
17 Janab ovo
  • From the beginning.
16 Janpin money
  • An allowance of money given by a husband to his wife for private and personal expenditures.
  • Money for incidental expenses.
  • A trivial sum.
15 Jandelectation
  • Great pleasure; delight, enjoyment.
14 Janjeremiad
  • A tale of sorrow, disappointment, or complaint; a doleful story; also, a dolorous or angry tirade.
13 Jandeipnosophist
  • Someone who is skilled in table talk.
12 Jantrenchant
  • Characterized by or full of force and vigor; as, "a trenchant analysis."
  • Caustic; biting; severe; as, "trenchant criticism."
  • Distinct; clear-cut; clearly or sharply defined.
11 Janfavonian
  • Pertaining to the west wind; soft; mild; gentle.
10 JanPotemkin village
  • An impressive facade or display that hides an undesirable fact or state; a false front.
9 Janancillary
  • Subordinate; subsidiary.
  • Auxiliary; helping.
8 Janprimogeniture
  • The state of being the firstborn of the same parents; seniority by birth among children of the same family.
  • (Law) An exclusive right of inheritance that belongs to the eldest son.
7 Janolla podrida
  • A stew of highly seasoned meat and vegetables.
  • A mixture; a hodgepodge.
6 Janfetor
  • A strong, offensive smell; stench.
5 Jancap-a-pie
  • From head to foot; at all points.
4 Janagrestic
  • Pertaining to fields or the country; rural; rustic.
3 Janirrupt
  • To burst in forcibly or suddenly; to intrude.
  • (Ecology) To increase rapidly in number.
2 Jantarradiddle
  • A petty falsehood; a fib.
  • Pretentious nonsense.
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