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 Death by Participial Phrases -- by Douglas Phillips
Thursday, 30 Jul at 02:56

Hoping for the best, Jeremy cinched the rope around his waist. Spreading the bedsheet behind, he was suddenly doubtful this crazy plan would work. A thousand-foot drop awaited, taunting him. The river glistened, calling him. Stepping to the edge, he tightened his boot laces. He summoned his courage, leaping. Cold wind roared in his ears, freezing his cheeks. The makeshift parachute fluttered, collapsing. Cartwheeling down, splintering tree limbs, and slamming rocks, it was death by participial phrases.  [more...]
Response from Dougp 5 Aug at 17:24
It's my fifth blog at CC, and I'm getting used to the hairsplitters.   [read all 15 responses...]

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