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 Openings, Hooks, And All That -- by Geoffrey Fowler
Tuesday, 12 Jun at 10:18

We all strive to write first sentences that are good enough not to cause a readers to snicker. But if it exists, a first sentence that convinces a reader that the author is a great writer and that the book is worth reading has eluded my radar; just about every opening sentence I've seen was nondescript, even though the paragraphs they began were sometimes spectacular. That is why I decided to devote some time searching for a genuine hook and also to try and answer the question, Does anyone who can write a good opening paragraph really need to fret over hooks?

Response from Geoff 17 Jun at 18:25
Mrbillyd: "The naked young woman walked along the path through the jungle behind her hut, w...  [read all 20 responses...]

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