Critique Circle rules

General rules

  • All material submitted on is copyright © individual writers.
  • Only registered users can read submitted stories.
  • There is only one account per user.
  • Any material you send in must be your own.
  • Critique Circle is not responsible for individual submissions, critiques or other actions of individual members.
  • Personal attacks, flames, and offending language won't be tolerated.
  • Critique Circle does not condone spamming. Do not send unsolicited messages through the CC's message box.
  • Access may be revoked upon violation of the rules.

Behavioral rules

Please be nice, polite and considerate!

We encourage a lively debate, but The Critique Circle is not responsible for individual messages. The Critique Circle reserves the right to delete, move or edit any messages that are harmful, hurtful, indecent or generally unacceptable.

Please respect other people's opinions. If you disagree, you may of course express that, but do so politely. If a discussion has turned into a flame war, we may lock the thread and close the discussion.

Advertising is not permitted on the forums, although authors can list their published books and website in their signature. Contact the administrators if you think an exception should be made regarding other advertising.

Personal attacks and personal comments do not belong on Critique Circle. Trolls trying to incite flame wars will not be tolerated.

Discussion about individual stories or critiques is only allowed on the "Previous stories" board. If there is no thread for that story, the author has decided it is not to be discussed in public and those wishes are to be respected. Discussion about other people's critiques should only refer to content, not to quality.

Administrators may move discussion or individual posts between threads to keep the forums organized. They are not obliged to move or delete posts at members' request.

Please respect other people's privacy. If you know personal information about someone, you may not disclose this without their permission.

If you have a problem with the administrator's individual decisions, please contact us directly through the message system or email, not through the forums.

The Critique Circle is a private password-protected site. What happens on CC stays on CC. CC forum chatter is not to be used for blog fodder, and publicly ridiculing a CC member's viewpoint or opinion will not be tolerated. The poster's membership may be revoked to prevent a re-occurrence and to protect our members.

Individuals breaking the rules may receive a warning, temporarily lose the right to participate in the forums, indefinitely lose the right to participate in the forums, or be expelled from the Critique Circle altogether. Consequences are at the discretion of the administrators and will depend on the severity of the violation. CC administration reserves the right to deny or revoke membership at their own discretion.

Member submitted content is © individual members.
Other material is ©2003-2021
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