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The Trials and Tribulations of Publishing; Why Self-Publishing Is Better For New Writers -- by Johnnie Guerrio

Becoming a writer leaves us traveling down a long, hard road. We face many challenges, rejections, and incidents that really test our faith and commitment to our craft. When writers finish their first project; be it a poem, lyrics, short story or novel, we have to think of how we will get published. Magazines? Journals? Big time publishers or self-publishing? The possibilities are quite endless. Sometimes, depending on what you write, self-publishing is almost always the best route to take for up and comers. These are just a few of the reasons why.


It gets your name out there.

When you are just starting out, everything is both new and exciting, as well as unfamiliar and frightening. To get published, it seems, you really need to have a huge hit on your hands, or you need experience. Like with any other job, not having experience can be a huge problem. Publishing your first literary piece through self-publishing, however, can get you the experience you need while getting your name out there. This helps you when you write your cover letter to any publisher for your next project. You simply tell them what you have out and how it was published, and they will see you have a bit of experience and are serious about your art.


Allows you to keep all the royalties.

When you go with a publisher, nine times out of ten you are left with the lower percentage of royalties. Most companies ask for 50 or 60% of the royalties you make, and if you have low sales, you can be left with a royalty check in the single digits. This can be a little disheartening for the new writer, and often times it makes them want to quit. By self-publishing, you get to keep every cent you make from every book sale. This allows the writer to build his or her confidence while making the money they deserve.


You promote your work however and wherever you want.

There are some publishers that have rules about self-publishing. Some may insist on doing it all for you, while others will give you a list on what to say, what not to say, and where they deem it acceptable to promote your work. As a self-published author, you can make your own rules when you decide to publish your work. You can say what you feel would be good for others to know the piece while promoting your project anywhere you want. It's a win-win situation for first time authors.


There are many things to think about when you get ready to publish your first piece of art. Self-publishing, usually, is the best way to go. You gain the experience you need for publishers to publish your next piece, and it gives you insight into the publishing business. You get to build your confidence as an author and keep all the royalties yourself, and you get to promote our work wherever, whenever, and however you please. Publishing is a big step in an author's life, make sure you think long and hard before you take that step.


Johnnie Guerrio is a freelance article writer and blogger, and an author for Langley's Lovelies. She is working on a paranormal romance series and works for several fashion and tea clients. You can keep up with her by following her on twitter at!/JGuerrio91, or read her own blog on Langley's Lovelies at



Posted by Johnnie Guerrio 23 Apr 2014 at 00:01
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