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CC Restructured! Things to know -- by Jon Bjarnason

So finally after years and years of waiting, the new CC site is finally here. If you missed my earlier blog and haven't played around with the beta site yet you might be in for a bit of a shock.

In this short blog I will go over some of the main changes in a FAQ format. Send more questions my way in the comments section and I'll do my best to answer them.

Where is the logged on member list?

The memberlist that used to be at the bottom of the left-hand menu is now in the notification center.

Where are my bookmarks?

Your in-site bookmarks are now on the right-hand side of the new toolbar

Where is all the stuff under "My Page" such as Tit-for-tat?

In the new site there is no "My Page" menu option like in the old site.

All these things can now be accessed by clicking on your username in the top bar.

The background is too bright!

You can change the site background color by clicking on your username at the top, go into Change Settings and there you will find the Color Settings option.

Where are my customization options?

On the old CC site you could customize the look-and-feel of the site with the little paintbrush icon.

There are no site-wide customization options on the new site except for the ability to change the background color. You do this by clicking on your username at the top, go into Change Settings and there you will find the Color Settings option.

You are able the customize the look and feel of your story view with the new version. You access this by clicking the "Format Story" option in the story toolbar.

How can I make the text bigger?

There is no option to make the text bigger site-wide anymore. This is because modern browsers have the ability built in. In order to make the site larger use control + on your keyboard. You can then zoom out by hitting control -.

What is this "Notification center" I keep hearing about?

The change is mostly about changing the layout of the site but I did manage to sneak in some new things as well. One of the coolest new things we have is the Notification Center.  What Im referring to here are the icons at the top of the page. There you can see at a glance changed threads and messages and get some juicy details when you click the icons.

Give it a try. We think this is a great productivity boost and you can expect to see more things pop up in there in the future.

I am a premium member and I can no longer choose to make text ads fainter

This feature was incompatible with the rich content ads that are now being shown (even before this change). We therefore removed this option.

Send a message to Administrator if you are really unhappy about this.

Why did you need to change all the stuff?

The layout of the site was getting to be a little long in the tooth since it hadn't changed much in the ten years since we opened. With new technologies such as mobile platforms we needed to make the layout different so that the site would be usable.

The new layout looks really good on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. It makes better use of screen realestate and uses best practices in modern web design.

For more rationalizing take a look at my blogs on the subject: The changing face of CC - Basic Layout and The changing face of CC - Story view.

Can you let people choose to use the old page?

I'm afraid not. This look is here to stay and the old look is gone forever.

I found a bug, what should I do?

Please don't keep it to yourself. If you see something broken chances are I don't know about it and never will unless you speak up. You can either just add a comment to the thread on this blog or use the Report Bug link at the bottom of every page.

I have a question about the new site that isn't answered here

Just add your question as a comment on this blog and I will put it into the blog itself with an answer.

Posted by Jon Bjarnason 8 Mar 2014
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