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August Hook Weekend over -- by Critique Circle

Well, the first Hook weekend of the year is behind us!  We had 48 stories in the Hook Queue, and most of them received between 20 and 30 instances of feedback, ranging from 3 words (such as: "I liked it") to a few hundred.
For the most part, people remembered their manners and kept snarky comments to a minimum. All in all, a success, but obviously there are also mixed emotions about the new queue. You can take a look and participate in the discussion here.
Some interesting questions have come up:
-- Do we judge stories like this when reading? Do we give them a leeway for more than 1000 words, putting our trust in the publisher and editorial process that has gone into publishing the book?
-- Is this a true reflection on how harried editors go through their slushpile, or does the query letter play an important role?  It is possible to use "Author notes" to play the part of the query letter, would this be helpful?
-- Are editors looking for a reason to stop reading or a reason to keep reading, and is there a difference?
The next Hook Weekend starts Friday September 7th and runs through Sunday September 9nd. If this is something for you, you can already submit your piece here.


Posted by Critique Circle 6 Aug 2012 at 13:39
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