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Introducing The Great CC Glossary -- by Candance Moore

What the heck is the actual difference between voice and tone – and where is there an answer that doesn't sound like grammar school gibberish?

The CC Glossary gives direct, no-nonsense information about the most common terms a writer encounters. From the basics of plot and genre to the concept of narrative distance, everything is written in language a beginner can understand.

The glossary has three categories:

Writing terms. These are the words writers use to talk about their craft. Things like protagonist, first person, main character, and climax.

Crit slang. A great reference for authors who receive critiques that seem to be written in some puzzling kind of code. What does POV stand for? Why is telling a bad thing?

Publishing business. "This agent's GL says the query needs a synopsis." Have no idea what that means? We break it all down.

The brightest minds on CC collaborated to make every definition as helpful and approachable as possible. If you'd like to see how the project unfolded – or to suggest a term you don't see mentioned – check out the discussion available to all members.

The glossary remains a living, breathing document that will expand as the writing world continues to evolve. Input is welcome at any time for any term..

Posted by Candance Moore 26 Sep 2012 at 13:16
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