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The Life Of Writing -- by Jessica Li

Writing has come to me when I was in middle school. Since that time I start writing my own short stories. I always hate English when I was in second grade, all the nouns, verbs, and sentences. People don't know what's all behind those. The secret behind the sentences even just one word we write. How much one word can change the reader's life? How can a story become a hero to a person? 

The beginning is always important, it's the part where it attracts the readers to read on. If it's not interesting, the reader will just stop reading. Just like eating, you don't like the first bite, you won't like the second time and you won't try that food again. The beginning should have the reader worry about the character and the obstacles. 

Let say the book, Uninvited, the Prologue which also the beginning. It shows the story is happening on heavy raining night where only brave souls can step outside. A mother is alone with her daughter at home waiting for dad to come home. It was dangerous on the road since it was raining hard. Suddenly, she hears a bang on the door, now worry, she tries to call, no signal. The knock became louder and louder, then she knew who it was...

This beginning shows the tone where the character is uneasy and concern there is the whole bunch of challenges ahead of the character. ( Only on Wattpad, Uninvited )

I always love the beginning, especially the horror, mystery, paranormal ones. It's so interesting that I always want to know what's going to happen next, what's going to happen to the character, their feelings and their tone in the story.

Okay, let's get back to the topic here, How does word change people's POV and life?


Voice are much important than visual image in poems. It feels with expressions, deep feelings, and emotions, and aesthetics. Let say a poem about a friend. What're the emotions and the feelings, is it sad, happy, worry? These feelings in the book can relate or connect to the writer.

For example: 

"Words Words
Bitch and whore
The girl runs away
she slams the door
she takes a knife
and cuts her skin
remembering how screwed up her life has been
she leans to the toilet
throws up to be thin
at school all she has is a grin
She cuts cuts cuts some more
Screaming in pain, blood on the floor
People call her emo people laugh at her face
But they haven't even tried to be in her place
Her dad just died, her mom has depression
her brother has to go through a therapy session
Why can't people see? that grin is a lie
everything's done for her, her life's slowly fading by
Bloods dripping on the floor, she's screaming in pain
she can't eat because that means more weight to gain
She wishes to be perfect she says it's not fair
she says she hears people talking about her hair
She cuts it all off, her soul has been broken
but she never told anyone, her words were never spoken
She takes the rope, hangs herself in the dark
She no longer has a beating heart
Her friends fall to the ground
when they hear the word "She's dead"
Her brother cries as he sleeps in her bed
She is gone
She is done
Just because of people. making fun.
She's buried on a Saturday,
people start crying
all because that one girl stopped trying.

so before judging someone on their weight or their clothes
their laugh their talk their hair or their nose
Just take a moment to realize and see
Everyone is not always who they seem to be." 


What is the tone here? What's happening?

Poetry also teaches us a lesson/theme/central idea.

In that poem, it can teach many people, even a bully itself. It shows a girl being suicidal and hurting herself, it can teach a real life bully that they are hurting people and causing deaths. That is how poetry is very meaningful and has powerful words to describe the situations.

Now let say being a hero. Using the same poem, many people can change the world. Call out to those bystanders, who watch what happen to the girl. To be honest, you are also involved in the situation. Those bystanders out there can be a hero, the one can stop bullying, and maybe save lives, lives of kids who got bullied. 

This is how poems and stories can change lives, get a life ( To the bullies) even save lives.

Posted by Jessica Li 17 Dec 2016 at 00:05
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