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Writing Isn't Just for Writers -- by M. J. Ascot

I wish I’d taken up creative writing decades ago, taken it seriously, I mean, really gotten into the craft. It’s not because I dream of fame and fortune, or the past that might have been. Writing, as a profession, is much like sport. A few make a fortune, but most folk pay to play.

However, we don’t need to be pro athletes to benefit from sport. And we don’t need to aspire to publication to benefit from writing.

To be successful in almost any field of endeavor, we need the ability to deliver our message, get our point across, share our passions. We need to communicate.

And what is creative writing in a forum like this, if not communication? We seek, not merely to connect, but to influence, to inspire, to draw others into a world of our making.

Creative writing affects how we think and what we think about. It’s about hooking the reader and reeling him in, about action and reaction, consequences, tone and inflection, body language, about imparting information in a way that keeps our readers engaged.

We focus on communicating, not just with our stories, but with every critique we write, every message, every forum post. We learn what works and what doesn’t. And we discover what reactions we elicit, both good and bad. Often, we’re surprised. But we learn to think about the people on the other side of the words.

That also suits the needs of writers, people like me. We like to say that we weave a story. I believe that is true—I see each tale as a tapestry. The pattern might be complex, but it should be clear and evident, every stitch in place, every strand carefully woven.

I aspire to that goal, but language is a slippery creature. To improve my hold on it, I need fresh eyes, different viewpoints, new ideas. And CC comes through. With the help of my friends here, I can refine my characters and polish my prose.

With CC's help, I'm thrilled to announce my first published novel, Green-Eyed Demon. Morgan isn't what people think, but she can kill, with just the touch of her hand.

Available at Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

So, stick around, whether you aspire to write a bestseller, or not. Writing is a skill; it can be learned. And just like in sport, we improve with practice.


Posted by M. J. Ascot 29 Apr 2013 at 06:34
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