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Today's Story Starters... -- by Critique Circle

CC's Daily Story Starters - sometimes all you need is a little push in any direction...
Blocked? Bored? Blued? Need a push to start off today's writing?
Here are today's Story Starters. Use them as you see fit -- alter them to suit your needs, use them as inspiration or as an exercise -- or best of all, shake your head in disgust and write a much better line!
Using CC's Paragraph-A-Day tool is an excellent way to keep all your Story Starters together.
  • She was too late. Again. -- PAD this!
  • She had never owned a pet before, and she wasn't sure liked this particular one. -- PAD this!
  • "Dinner is not ready yet," he said, twisting his hands together in his apron. -- PAD this!
Some things to consider:
  • Could this be an opening line in your story? Why, why not? Does a particular character spring to mind?
  • What kind of a scene do you picture upon reading the line?
  • What do you think you know about the characters involved?
  • Do you assume anything about time or place?

And today's Picture Prompt:

Some things to consider:

  • Who are these people playing instruments?
  • The person on this side of that tent, what is he or she doing there?
  • What kind of an event is this?
  • Could this have some relation to what is happening in your story or to your character's past?


Posted by Critique Circle 3 Aug 2012 at 13:25
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