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Taking a Pledge To Write a Crappy First Draft -- by Yawatta Hosby

The different ways to get your story finished on the first try without worrying about writing rules, and giving an idea of what writers experience after NaNo


The Mythical, Magical Hook -- by M. J. Ascot

No one, if questioned directly, would admit to believing in a magic hook. But the suggestion is insidious. It creeps in through cracks and knotholes, and lodges itself in places where we rarely shine light. Before we know it, we become certain we?ll know those words when we see them, even though few of us appear to agree on any one choice.


Why You Should Try Your Hand at a Poem -- by Kevin Murphy

You should, you know, even if you are determined to be its sole reader. To me, it?s exactly like asking. ?Why should you brush your teeth?? Well? Should you? What if you shun thoughts of other people examining and assessing your teeth? Right. Brush them anyway. It?ll be good for you and you will enjoy the difference. Write a poem for yourself, then. It will be cleansing to any writing you?re cutting your teeth on right now. Try a mindless ditty akin to HEY DIDDLE, DIDDLE. Who knows what that?s about? When?s the last time you shouted ?Hey!? To your neighborhood Diddle Diddle?? Or, maybe your mind?s depths are of a greater measure. How about a life-threatening drama or history lesson completely obscured from view yet there for all to see, one akin to GOOSEY GOOSEY GANDER.



Tell Me About Your WIP! -- by Elizabeth Rhodes

I have a friend who is working to create his own board game. It's got a medieval dark fantasy setting, a modular board setup, takes inspiration from various board and video games and has a complex combat system. I know all of this, and more, because the concept and mechanics for this game are the subject of every third thing out of his mouth.


What Makes a Good Story Opening? -- by Carol Ervin

Writers everywhere want to know. What makes a great opening?

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