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  • Accounts and Preferences
  • Accounts and Preferences

     What is a Trial account?
    When a new user joins Critique Circle they can log in straight away but their account is marked as Trial. This means that every critique must be approved by our moderators, you cannot send messages or forum posts and you can only look at a total of 10 stories (some other restrictions may also apply).

    An account is upgraded to Registered once a moderator has reviewed the application. This usually happens within a few hours of joining CC.

    Welcome aboard!

     Why is a user account closed?
    There are many reasons why a certain user account has been closed. The most common reason is that user accounts are automatically closed after a one year period of inactivity. In those cases the account is automatically reopened if the user logs in again.

    Other reasons include requests from the user to have the account closed or due to violations of the CC rules.

     Can I share my account?
    No. CC requires real names so that the moderators can know who is online and who is posting. This enables us to protect the copyrights of our members. Because people are posting their intellectual property, it's important that we know who is viewing it, allowing CC to monitor activity and prevent abuses.

     How long does it take for a new member to get a password?
    When you sign up on Critique Circle your membership request should be processed the same day. If you haven't received your password after that time please send us an email.

     How can I change my email address?
    Click on your username at the top left of the screen and then Account Info. This will take you to your personal information page, where you can edit your Email address and other information at any time. Click the Information tab to continue.

    Your Email appears near the top of that page.

     Can you change your user name?
    No, that's not possible. So we encourage people to consider their user names very carefully when they sign up.

     What if I want to leave CC?
    You can stop logging on, and if you don't want any future mails from CC, disable reminder mails in your settings. Your account will then automatically be deactivated after you haven't logged on in a year or so (note that if you have a recurring premium subscription you will need to suspend it on the paypal website).

    You can also send a message to administrator to have your account closed immediately.

    If you want to remove your stories simply delete them yourself before quitting. Critiques on deleted stories can only be viewed by the person who wrote the critique.

     I can't log in, what do I do?
    First, make sure you have upper cases and lower cases where they should be. Password is not the same as password.

    If you're 100% sure you are spelling things right it's possible that you don't have cookies enabled on your browser.

    Go to Tools, Internet Options. Click on Privacy and then on Advanced. Choose to enable all cookies.
    This is not the same for all browsers or versions but you should find the cookies in similar areas.

    If you still can't log in, send us an e-mail:

     How do I change my password?
    To change your password you go to Settings which you find under My Page.

    Scroll down until you find the option to change your password.

     How do I receive more/fewer emails from
    The emails you may receive are:

    Notification that your story is now at the top of the queue.

    Notification that you have received a critique.

    Newsletters and announcements.

    Reminders, for example that someone who has sent you a critique has a story in the current week's batch — in case you want to return the favor.

    You don't receive any emails you don't want. You can change the email settings by going to Settings.

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