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  • About Critique Circle
  • About Critique Circle

     How can I help the Critique Circle?
    An excellent question!

    You can help by critting frequently and well, submitting stories and being active on the forums.

    You can tell your friends about the Critique Circle, mention us on your mailinglists, or any forums you frequent.

    You also help the Critique Circle to develop and grow by becoming a Premium user. You'll have access to a lot of extra features, as well as the pleasure of knowing you're helping the Critique Circle to stay alive.

     Can I write a blog for CC?
    Yes you can! The CC blog is a community effort and most of the blogs are written by members just like you.

    If you want to write a blog for us just send a message to the administrators [link here] and tell us what you want to write about. We will add an empty blog entry for you and you write your blog in there.

    Your finished blog will go into our queue and you will be sent a message when it gets published. The waiting time is typically a couple of weeks.

     Who are the CC moderators?
    Our brave team of moderator volunteers:










     Taking Screenshots
    Taking a screenshot in Windows

    * With the CC page displayed on your screen, press one of the following on your keyboard:
    ** Alt + Print Screen to capture the active window
    ** Print Screen to capture your full computer screen (recommended)

    * Select Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint. The Paint application opens.

    * Press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot into Paint. If you receive a message that says: "The image in the clipboard is larger than the bitmap. Would you like the bitmap enlarged?" click Yes.

    * Select File > Save As. The Save As dialog opens.
    * In the Save in field, select a location to save the file, such as your Desktop.
    * In the File name field, type in a name for the bitmap.
    * In the Save as type field, select .jpg.
    * Click Save.

    Taking a screenshot in MacOS X

    * With the CC page displayed on your screen, press the following on your keyboard:
    ** Shift-Apple key-3 to capture the full screen, and place screenshot files on the desktop.

    Here is more information on taking screenshots

     Can I print out pages from Critique Circle?
    Some pages such as stories and critiques have a "Printer-Friendly Version" button which allows you to print out a page that has a specific layout for printers, but even if the page you are on does not have such a button you can still print it out in a pretty nice way without any menus or other extra elements.

    Simply print the page as you would normally do (through File->Print or the Print button on your browser's toolbar) and the layout in your copy will be tailored for the printer. You can also select "Print Preview" in your browser beforehand to see what the printout will look like.

    It is recommended that you enable "Print Background color and images" for best effect, whether you are printing in colour or black&white. This is enabled through Internet Explorer's "Options" page or Firefox's "Page setup" page.
    This step is not crucial but your printouts will look nicer

     How do I contact an administrator?
    Using CC's message system is the best way. Open your message box (you'll find it by clicking on the message icon at the top of the page), click on Write a message and put Administrator in the recipient box. You should get an answer from one of the admins very soon.

    You can also go to the About... page. On the bottom of that page you'll find two possibilities of contacting us, either by using our message system or by sending us an email at:

     Who is the Critique Circle for?
    The Critique Circle is for everyone who wants to write, be it novels, short stories or articles.

    The Critique Circle doesn't have an age-limit and everyone is welcome to join as long as they agree to our rules and policies, and are interested in actively participating.

     How do I report a bug?
    CC isn't perfect and there might be a few bugs strewn about here and there.

    We would appreciate it if you would report any issues that you find by using the Report Bug link at the bottom of the page.

    Thank you!

     How does the Critique Circle work?
    This is how the Critique Circle works: You start here with 2 credits. You therefore need to criticise at least one story before you can submit a story of your own, as the cost of submitting a story is 3 credits.

    You earn credits by critting stories. If your crit reaches 150 words you earn 0.5 credits, and if it reaches 300 words you earn 1 credit.

    You can earn more credits by critting long stories. A 150 word crit always gives you 0.5 credit but if you give a 300 word crit you earn 1.5 credits if the story reaches 2.000 words and 2 credits if the story reaches 4.000 words.

    There are no credits for crits under the 150 word limit.

    Besides stories, you can find a variety of other things here, on the Critique Circle. For example articles, writing exercises, forums, links and an output-chart (only available for Premium users).

    To start go to the story queue page and pick a story to crit!

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