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  • The Story Queue

     Why was my story moved to a different queue?
    We review the queue each week and move stories that seem misplaced. If you believe your story has been moved to a queue where it doesn't belong, please contact us.

     Lengthy queue wait times--what can I do as a CC member?
    Unless you submit to the Newbie Queue, your wait time may stretch into several weeks for your story to rise into 'In Review.' This is because stories go up in the order that they are submitted.

    In order to minimize wait times, do your best to critique in the weeks leading up to your piece being 'In Review". This will open up more story slots in the queues, and stories will be bumped up, coming up for review faster. This is also why it is beneficial to critique in the same queue you submit to—you will be directly affecting the wait times in that queue.

    The public queues can change based on how many critiques happen in each queue each week. The more critiques a queue gets one week, the more story slots will open the following week. If there is a significant drop in critiques, less story slots will be available for the following week, creating a longer wait for some. If everyone does their part by critiquing, it benefits everyone through shorter wait times.

    Also, active critiquers always get the most critiques when their work comes up for review. So to get lots of great feedback, give a little critique karma first!

     How do I create my own queue?
    One of the benefits of a Premium membership is private queues.

    Setting up a queue sounds like a daunting process, but it's actually very user-friendly. When you're ready to open your own queue, click on the My Queues link under your Bookmarks. This should prompt a message saying that you don't currently have any queues, but it will provide a link for you to create one. Clicking that link will start the process, which involves 8 steps.

    Step 1: Type the title of your queue and any information that your members will be able to see. This may include the purpose of the queue, what kind of feedback you're hoping to get, what kind of stories will be submitted, etc.
    Step 2: Choose what kind of queue. There are two choices. A Personal Many-to-One queue is open to all CC members, but it's a queue where only the owner can submit stories; everyone else critiques. The other, a Private Many-to-Many queue allows all members to submit and critique stories. Only Premium members can join this kind of queue.
    Step 3: Choose a credit system. You can choose to have the same kind of credit system as the public queues (three credits to submit a story, credits given depending on length of story and crit, etc.). Or you can choose to use no credits; people post their stories for free and don't get credit for critiquing.
    Step 4: Choose a time period for your queue. You can choose to have your queue run on CC's Wednesday to Wednesday schedule, where there are a limited number of stories each week and they're switched out every Wednesday. Another choice is to choose no period for the queue, where stories go up as they're submitted and there is no time period. In this case, people can critique at their leisure until the owner chooses to move the stories into the archives. A third option allows you to choose your own time period for the stories in your queue.
    Step 5: Choose the members you'd like to invite. You also have the option of inviting your potential members to join your personal forum. This is a good idea if you'll be using the forum to discuss the stories in your queue.
    Step 6: Send them an email invite. Type a message inviting people to join your queue. People will have the option of joining or declining.
    The last two steps let you decide how your queue will physically look.

     How does the Newbie Queue work?
    The Newbie Queue is designed to give Critique Circle's newest members a chance to get fast experience of the CC process.

    You must submit your first story to the Newbie Queue. The only restriction is that you cannot post an Erotica story in the Newbie Queue. After that, you may submit a further two stories (maximum total of three submissions) or you may choose to submit to any of the other public queues.

    To give all stories in the Newbie Queue the best chance of receiving a fair share of critiques, stories in this queue will move into 'older submissions' once they have received five critiques.

    Anyone can critique stories in the Newbie Queue.
    Newbies can critique stories from any queue they choose.

     How do I delete a story that is in the Upcoming section?
    If your story is in 'Upcoming' and you've decided to remove it, you can choose, 'Remove from queue' under your options when you view your story. With no crits on your story, this will refund your credits.

    If it is 'In review' and you decide to retire it, you simply view the details of your story and select, 'place in older.' This will move your story out of the review period, and the crits on the story will be viewable by others (or other members of a private queue).

    Once a story is in Older Submissions, you can choose to hide or delete a story, or you are able to revise the story if there are no crits currently in progress.

    Before you move a story out of the 'In review' period into 'Older Submissions' in the public queues, consider that there may be CC members who have critiques pending or are wanting to critique your piece. As a courtesy, you may wish to offer a warning/explanation on your 'story discussions' thread to let these people know that you are pulling your story.

     Sometimes I click on a link but the story's not there. Why?
    CC uses a technique called caching to optimize performance of the database that stores all CCs information. Occasionally, the information you can see on a page does not exactly match the underlying reality because of the cache. This usually happens because somebody makes a change (for example, they remove their story from the queue) and because of the cache it takes a while before this change becomes visible on the page.

    If it's causing you difficulties, there are a couple of things to try — sort the story table into a different order (by clicking on a column name) or log out of the site and log back in to start a new session.

     Why was my story archived?
    Critique Circle only has a certain amount of space available so we are forced to remove stories that are over one year old or so.
    This is done simply to keep CC running at a minimum amount of overhead. If your story has been archived it should have been sent to you by email. If you did not receive such an email don't panic, the admins keep a copy of the archived story in a safe place and can send it to you.
    If you do not wish CC to keep a copy of your archived story just send the admins a note and they'll delete it.

    The author of a story can always upload the text file he received back up to CC and his/her story is then automatically removed from the archive for a week or so, after which time it is removed again. This way you will always be able to take a look at your story through CC, even though it's been archived.

    The text file you receive will not enable you to read your crits directly and it will not make any sense to you unless you upload it through CC's unarchive page.

    If you are not the author of the story you wish to look at and its been archived you will have to contact the story's author and request that he/she upload the story back up to CC. This is done by using the form supplied when you attempt to view an archived story or one of its critiques.

    Archived stories are not visible in the "Older Stories" list of the Story Queue, but you will be able to view them through the "Everything" list.

    We hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience to anyone, and rest assured that CC does not delete content permanently unless asked to do so by the writer.

     Why does my upcoming story go up and down in the queue?
    The number of stories in review each week depends on several factors and the admins are constantly re-arranging the queues, right until the last moment.

    The factors that influence how many stories are reviewed are, for example: How many critiques were submitted in the previous crit-period in a particular queue, how many stories are in the Newbie queue and how many stories are upcoming. We don't want a queue to be empty so that comes into account.

    So be prepared for your story to be bumped up or down.

     How can I see an old story I submitted?
    Click on Story Queue and then on My Stories.

     How do I delete one of my older stories?
    Click on Stories -> My Stories in the top menu bar to see a list of your stories.

    Click the title of the story you want to delete. Now click on Delete story in the right-hand menu.

    We also want to point out the possibility of simply hiding your story. You do that on the same page you can delete it. This will make your story invisible to other people.

    Note: If your story is currently in review, you will need to use the Place in Older option before you can delete or hide it. (The Place in Older button takes the place of the Delete Story button for current stories.)

     Can I change category after submitting to the queue?
    At least for now, we have to do this manually. Please let us know which changes you'd like to make and we'll do it for you. Quickest way is through the CC mail system, recipient administrator.

     Why can't I see all the previous stories?
    After the critique period is over, a story goes into the "previous stories" area. The author can choose to hide the story, which makes it invisible to other members.

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