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  • Credits and Grades
  • Credits and Grades

     Can we change the credit system?
    Can we change the credit system to allow for more credits per critique or to make weekly submissions cheaper?

    The credit system is the main backbone of the site. It was developed after extensive research, and has been tested and refined on our Big Sister site in Iceland. The balance between credits received and the cost to submit is designed to assure members a maximum number of critiques per submission.

    Please note that there are no plans to alter the credit system in any way. We believe the system works as it is.

    Before starting a new thread with your ideas please do a search through the forums for the word "credits" or the words “critiques” or “crits” and see if your idea has been discussed. New threads on this topic will be removed and/or merged with the older ones.

    —Thanks to HeyJude, Momzilla and Maddog for assisting with this FAQ entry

     Can you donate credits to people?
    You cannot share credits between accounts.

    Credits are not transferable directly but premium members can give out some of their own credits as a special bonus for their critters. You'll see a menu item on crits you've received giving you the option to "Give extra credit". This is still in the experimental stages and is subject to change/removal but the basic idea is that those with a lot of credits can give those less fortunate a little something extra for great crits. Please note you can only donate 1 extra credit per crit.

     Where do I see my critique rating?
    You can see your overall critique grade on My Page. From there you can see how your grade has changed over time.

    You cannot, however, see how each of your critiques was rated.

     Do you lose your credits if you don't use them regularly?
    No, the credits do not expire.

     How do you calculate activity rank?
    The activity rank is a measure of how much each member contributes to Critique Circle through stories, critiques and forum posts. This is a very simple indication of a member's overall activity. Someone with rank 1 is the most active member on CC, plain and simple

    Each type of activity contributes differently to your rank calculation. For example, you will get much more activity points by sending in a full-credit crit than you will by starting a new thread. The exact ratio has been determined through heuristics and is a well kept secret.

    As the activity rank is calculated in relation to other members you can see at a glance how you compare to others. This information is accessible from My Page. You can also view the activity rank of other members from their member pages or by hovering over their name elsewhere on CC.

    The activity rank takes into account activity for the last 30 days. Anything that is posted before that time will not contribute to the current activity rank. Therefore this is a very good indication of just how active a member is right now.

    You can see your all-time activity rank in My Page as well, but that is not visible to other members.

    If you do not want others to see your activity rank or other indications of activity (such as number of stories posted or crits given) you can check "Hide Activity Information" in your account settings page.

     Do I need a certain amount of credits to submit a story?
    Yes, the basic cost of submitting a story into a public queue is 3 credits. If you have more than one story in the queue at a time it costs an additional 4 credits (3 credits for premium members) for each of your stories that is in the queue or up for review. Long stories also cost extra.

    Story submitted of normal length to private queues (for premium members) cost 3 credits if the queue is 'for credit' no matter how many are place int review at once. Longer stories follow the same extra credit rule as public queues.

    You can see your current credit status by clicking on your username at the top of the page.

    Please see:
    More than one story in the queue
    Stories over 5,000 words

     How do credits work?
    Credits are the currency that you use to submit stories. You earn credits by critiquing stories from other people.

    You usually pay 3 credits for submitting a story, and usually receive 1 credit for giving a critique. Therefore you will need to submit 3 crits for each story that you submit.

    Sometimes a story will cost more to submit and sometimes you will get a different number of credits from your crit. A story that is longer than 5000 words will cost 1 additional credit.

    If the crit is under 300 words you always receive 1/2 credits, no matter how long the story is.

    If your crit is more than 300 words you most often get 1 credit. However, if the story you are critting is more than 3000 words, you receive 1.5 credit for a crit over 300 words. If the story is 4000 words or longer you get 2 credits for a crit over 300 words. 2 credits is the maximum number that you can receive for a crit unless the story author decides to donate an extra credit from his or her own credit pool for an extra good crit.

    Please note that no credits are given for critiques under 150 words.

    You can have more than one story in the system at a time, but the more stories you have, the more expensive they become.
    Your second concurrent story (with the first one being either 'up for review' or in the 'upcoming' section) will cost 7 credits, your third one 11 credits, etc. This is a necessary so that the queue doesn't become unduly long. As soon as you have nothing in the queue, it will again cost just 3 credits to submit a story.
    This applies to the public Queues and not to the private ones. It doesn't matter how many public Queues you submit your stories to; the rule applies across Queues.

    PLEASE NOTE that paying extra credits (7, 11, etc.) for subsequent stories or chapters does not guarantee that your stories will be up for review back-to-back. Stories are chosen to be 'up for review' in the order that they are subbed into the queue. For the best chance of having chapters reviewed back-to-back, we advise that you sub early to try and secure a slot for the following week.

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