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Introduction to the Forums

How to access the forums

There are 2 options to access the forums:

  1. Choose Forums: New Forums.
  2. Choose the icon on top of the page, to the right. Click on View notifications/View more.


To search the forums for specific topics, posts, users or categories, click on the search icon on top of the page to the right. Before starting a new thread on a specific subject, please check whether someone has discussed it before.

Change notifications

Go to the forums through the icon on top of the page on the right side, click on the icon, then View notifications/view more. Choose Preferences. On the left side, you are able to change for example your notifications for Categories, Users and Tags. You can also change your email preference on the left side by clicking on Emails.

Return to CCs front/home page

On top of the page, click on the Home button to return to CCs front/home page. You can also go to Stories, Community, Tools or About to return to CCs front/home page.

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