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How do I use Manuscript Progress?

First, hit 'new manuscript' to start your chart.

Type in the info you need — title, description, and charting by WC, keystrokes, etc. Hit send.

This brings you to progress graph, and you'll see the name of your work and the chart.

Go to progress goals. Set a goal, hit 'add point'.

Go to numeric table. Write in what you accomplished each day (keystrokes, WC, etc). Hit add point.

This will take you back to Progress Graph and you should see a red line for your goal, and a blue line for your progress.

You can now add more daily WC on Numeric table (it will automatically fill in the accumulated amounts in the second box for added entries) and hit 'add point', or you can add another goal in addition to the first one under Goals (make sure you change the date for the second goal).

**Please note that non premium members can only have one manuscript tracked for progress at once. To have full access to this feature with multiple novels tracked, please consider Premium or Premium Gold membership.

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