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How do Classic critiques work?

The Classic critique offers you complete flexibility in structuring your critique as there is no framework as with the other critique types. It’s particularly useful for critiques that look at the bigger picture and comment on plot, characterization, overall use of language etc.

When you choose Classic critique, you will see a text box above a copy of the story you are critiquing. You can decide on the structure and the content of your critique. Use the text box to tell the writer what you thought of the story. Don’t forget to be specific about why you liked or didn’t like particular things in the story and try to offer ideas for how the writer might make the story better. If you want to quote bits from the story, use the Story function to copy and paste sections of the text into your critique. The quotes will stand out in a different color text and make it easy for the writer to tell the difference between the original story and your comments.

Once you have said everything you want to say about the story, you can preview your critique to make sure everything looks OK. If you want to make any changes, just click on Edit to go back to your critique. When you’re happy with everything, send it to the writer.

The Classic critique is perfect if you like to prepare your critiques off-line. You can simply copy your critique from your word processor and paste it into the text box for submission.

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