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How do I rate a critique?

You rate a critique so that the critic knows how he's doing, how useful his crits are to other authors. The grade shows him where he's doing well and what he can improve.

There are seven questions and you rate each on a five point scale, from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

The critique was worded in a constructive manner.

Did you feel the critic was respectful of your work and tried to word his crit both helpfully and politely?

The critic had helpful ideas.

Do you think you can use the critic's suggestions and ideas?

The critic could have explained himself better.

Do you have difficulties in understanding what exactly the critic meant? Was something unclear?

The critic pointed out many things I hadn't noticed myself.

Do you feel you gained new insight?

The critique could have been more detailed.

Do you feel that the crit could have been more detailed than it is?

I find the critique useful.

Did the critique have some good ideas and suggestions that you will use when re-writing your story?

On the whole, I'm satisfied with the critique.

Do you feel the critic put considerable work into pointing out to you what you could improve and what he liked in your story? Is this a good crit?

Remember that the point of the crit is to help you improve your story and point out both its strong and weak points. The point of the rating-system is to help the critic improve his crits, tell him what he's doing well and what he isn't doing so well.

At the bottom of the rating-box is another box, meant for a message to the critic, where you thank him for his time and effort. It's considered common courtesy to thank the critic for this, he could just as well have critted another story but he chose yours.

This message has nothing to do with rating.

The critic doesn't know how a specific crit was rated. He only sees his average grade and that is calculate on a five rated critique basis. Therefore, it's impossible for him to know how you rated his critique, something that should help you to be completely honest when rating the crit.

Crits under 150 words cannot be rated.

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