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What if I'm offended by a critique I received?

You may want to take a moment to think about why you are offended. It can be painful to hear criticism of something you have written, but does it seem that the critter is trying to point out something to improve upon, even if it's a bit bluntly? Most critters' intentions are to help the writer by pointing out the flaws, not to hurt your feelings. This learning process can sometimes bruise your ego, but usually improves your writing skills by pointing out weak spots.

One other thing to remember, a critique is nothing more than an opinion. Sometimes this is based on knowledge, such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and sometimes it is based on the type of writing that critter likes to read.

Is it because the critter seemed intentionally cruel or hurtful? Critique Circle does not condone this behavior, and you should contact the administrators to assess the situation.

If you receive a story where a user 'pads' the critique with unrelated story material, nonsense words or rambles about personal details that have nothing to do with the story, please let us know. Padding to gain credits for critiques is not acceptable here at CC.

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