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Yes, but only if you are a Premium Gold Member.

Access your story, and select "edit story" at the top of the page.

If you are a Premium Member, you will only be able to edit as long as there are no crits in progress, and your story is in a private queue. If there are pending critiques, you will have to wait for the critters to submit them. 

Only premium gold members are able to edit a story in review in the public queues.

Please note that "placeholders" are not allowed.

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Premium subscribers can create their own private critique group. One of the members creates a queue (Story Queue — My Queues), and invites the other members to participate. Before creating the queue, members have to decide on issues such as how long each critique period lasts, if it runs on the CC credit system or not, etc. 

All premium subscribers can create their own queues, but it's simpler for a crit group to use one queue for their shared work. If they prefer, they can instead each submit their stories to their own personal queue, and invite their group members to that queue.

This use of the Private Queue system only allows for Premium Subscribers to be members of the Queue and you can invite a maximum of eight members into each "Private many-2-many Queue". If you wish to have more than 8 members, you must become a Gold Premium member.

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When you add people to your buddy list, you'll be notified when your buddies submit a story, a crit, write on the boards, etc.

This is useful, for example, if you primarily work within a private crit group and don't have much time to participate in other parts of the Critique Circle, but want to keep up with what your buddies are doing on the site.

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To add a buddy, go to My Buddy List and click on Add a buddy, which you see on the blue bar in the middle of the page.

You can also add a buddy by clicking "add buddy" on someones profile page or on the window that pops up when you hover over their name. You can remove someone from your buddy list in the same way.

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After you have subscribed to the Premium Membership a message telling you to choose an icon will appear in the Reminders list on the front-page.

Remember, you can only choose your icon once, so pick carefully.

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No, the only way to earn credits is to critique other people's stories.

However, the first time you you sign up for a premium subscription you get one extra credit as a thank you.

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Some time may pass from the moment when you sign up for Premium Membership until your Premium account is activated.

If more than 24 hours pass and your membership hasn't been activated, please contact us through the message box.

Most of the time, new memberships are activated within a few hours.

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