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Can I delete a story that’s in the upcoming section?

If your story is in the 'Upcoming' section and you've decided to remove it, you can choose, 'Remove from queue' under your options when you view your story. With no crits on your story, this will refund your credits.

If it is 'In review' and you decide to retire it, you simply view the details of your story and select, 'place in older.' This will move your story out of the review period, and the crits on the story will be viewable by others (or other members of a private queue). 

Once a story is in Older Submissions, you can choose to hide or delete a story, or you are able to revise the story if there are no crits currently in progress.

Before you move a story out of the 'In review' period into 'Older Submissions' in the public queues, consider that there may be CC members who have critiques pending or are wanting to critique your piece. As a courtesy, you may wish to offer a warning/explanation on your 'story discussions' thread to let these people know that you are pulling your story 

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