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Only premium and premium gold members can create their own private queues.

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One of the benefits of a Premium membership is private queues.

Setting up a queue sounds like a daunting process, but it's actually very user-friendly. When you're ready to open your own queue, click Stories, My Queues.

Select Create Queue.

There are 8 steps to create a queue:

Step 1: Type the title of your queue and any information that your members will be able to see. This may include the purpose of the queue, what kind of feedback you're hoping to get, what kind of stories will be submitted, etc.

Step 2: Choose what kind of queue. There are two choices. A Personal Many-to-One queue is open to all CC members, but it's a queue where only the owner can submit stories; everyone else critiques. The other, a Private Many-to-Many queue allows all members to submit and critique stories. Only Premium members can join this kind of queue.

Step 3: Choose a credit system. You can choose to have the same kind of credit system as the public queues (three credits to submit a story, credits given depending on length of the story and crit, etc.). Or you can choose to use no credits; people post their stories for free and don't get credit for critiquing.

Step 4: Choose a time period for your queue. You can choose to have your queue run on CC's Wednesday to Wednesday schedule, where there are a limited number of stories each week and they're switched out every Wednesday. Another choice is to choose no period for the queue, where stories go up as they're submitted and there is no time period. In this case, people can critique at their leisure until the owner chooses to move the stories into the archives. A third option allows you to choose your own time period for the stories in your queue.

Step 5: Choose the members you'd like to invite. You also have the option of inviting your potential members to join your personal forum. This is a good idea if you'll be using the forum to discuss the stories in your queue.

Step 6: Send them an email invite. Type a message inviting people to join your queue. People will have the option of joining or declining.

The last two steps let you decide how your queue will physically look.

We recommend watching this tutorial video on Private Queues:

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Premium queues can be advertized in the classifieds to attract new members. This is a great way to fill up your queue and meet new critters who want to see your work!

Go to 'Classifieds' in the story queue (at the bottom). You will see an option to 'add my queue to the classifieds'. Select this, and it will show a list of all the queues you currently have. Select the one you wish to place in the classifieds, and hit, 'Create advertizement'.

Fill in the fields required and then post your ad. It will now be part of the classifieds for 4 months maximum. You can remove your queue at any time from the classifieds.

If after 4 months you don't have a full queue and want to continue using the classifieds, you will need to add your queue again to the classifieds, using the above steps. 

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When you want to invite members to your private queue you choose the queue you want to work on.

After you have done that you click on the Edit option. On the top bar for the queue you see several option, one of which is Members. Click on that button.

Now you will see Invite a new member to this queue. If you click on that you will be able to pick members from the member list.

Keep in mind that if you have a many-to-many queue where everyone can submit stories only premium members are eligible and only those will show up in your search results.

If you have a personal queue (for a full novel crit for example) you can invite anyone, up to a maximum of 8 members (for Premium subscribers) or 24 members (for Premium Gold subscribers).

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If you're a premium member, you can arrange your Queues however you want to. This is done here.

You will see your queues listed in a seemingly random order with a 'section' called (Automatically Arranged) at the top. This means that all the Queues under that bar are managed by the system into the following categories: Public QueuesPrivate QueuesMy Queues and Closed Queues. You must drag any queues you wish to reorder so that they are above the Automatically Arranged bar.

You might want to have names for your own sections. Try inserting a new section by clicking Add Section. You can give your section a name and click 'ok'. Your new section appears on top of the default section. You can now drag your Queues out from the default section and into your new section.

Note that everything beneath the (Automatically Arranged) section will not be ordered and any new sections under it will be deleted once you click "Save" so make sure you place any new section headers above the (Automatically Arranged) bar.

You can always reset your arrangement by dragging the (Automatically Arranged) section to the top. Dragging your Queues around under the (Automatically Arranged) section will have no effect.

You can drag Queues to the top without any section above them. This will just put them onto the top of your Queue page. You can even just drag the (Automatically Arranged) section to the bottom and leave it at that to have all your Queues lined up the way you want to.

Quick questions:

Q: How do I delete a section I created?

A: Drag it below the (Automatically Arranged) section and it will be deleted when you click Save

Q: I arranged my Queues and it doesn't work when I click Save.

A: You were probably arranging Queues underneath the (Automatically Arranged) section. Those Queues cannot be arranged. Try dragging them above the (Automatically Arranged) section.

Q: My new section vanished when I clicked Save.

A: Your section was beneath the (Automatically Arranged) section and was deleted.

Q: Can I arrange Queues in the (Automatically Arranged) section?

A: No, you must create a new section above the (Automatically Arranged) section and drag your Queues into it in order to arrange them.

Note: If you don't understand something, ask the moderators.

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Premium and Premium Gold members can have up to 3 active queues.

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Every so often you might want to delete a Queue that you've created. To do this you click "delete" on the queue on the Story Queue page. 

If there are any stories anywhere in the Queue then you will not be able to delete it. You will have to "reject" all submitted stories, making the Queue effectively empty before deleting it.

A deleted queue is not removed from the database so the stories in the queue will still be accessible to you but to no one else.

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Yes. Enter the queue and pick users. Tick the username of the member you want to remove and click remove.

Please remember to send the user a message to explain why you removed him/her from the queue.

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Any material that complies with CC's global rules. That is, the material you submit has to be your own, and pornography and fan-fiction is not allowed.

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All your existing queues will be automatically bumped up to 24 users when your Gold membership is processed. 

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Members will always have access to their stories, critiques of their stories, and critiques they've given on other peoples' work, even if the stories were located in a private queue that has been deleted or closed. The same is true if you choose to remove a member from your private queue.

If you have a story in a private queue that has been closed or deleted other people will not be able to see or crit the story.

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If that is the case the user you invited hasn't accepted your invitation yet.

He/she does that by clicking on a link, embedded in the invitation you sent. He/she can also decline the invitation by clicking on the link.

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If, for some reason, you have to give up your Premium subscription we'll keep your queues in archive for at least one year — unless you ask for them to be deleted. If you decide to join the Premium system again you can do so within a year and find your queues intact.

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Yes. Go to Stories: Story Queue. On the bottom of the page, you will see Add a Queue subscription:

If you click on the dropdown that says Choose Queue, you can choose the queue you want, then click on Add subscription.

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