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How to arrange my queues?

If you're a premium member, you can arrange your Queues however you want to. This is done here.

You will see your queues listed in a seemingly random order with a 'section' called (Automatically Arranged) at the top. This means that all the Queues under that bar are managed by the system into the following categories: Public QueuesPrivate QueuesMy Queues and Closed Queues. You must drag any queues you wish to reorder so that they are above the Automatically Arranged bar.

You might want to have names for your own sections. Try inserting a new section by clicking Add Section. You can give your section a name and click 'ok'. Your new section appears on top of the default section. You can now drag your Queues out from the default section and into your new section.

Note that everything beneath the (Automatically Arranged) section will not be ordered and any new sections under it will be deleted once you click "Save" so make sure you place any new section headers above the (Automatically Arranged) bar.

You can always reset your arrangement by dragging the (Automatically Arranged) section to the top. Dragging your Queues around under the (Automatically Arranged) section will have no effect.

You can drag Queues to the top without any section above them. This will just put them onto the top of your Queue page. You can even just drag the (Automatically Arranged) section to the bottom and leave it at that to have all your Queues lined up the way you want to.

Quick questions:

Q: How do I delete a section I created?

A: Drag it below the (Automatically Arranged) section and it will be deleted when you click Save

Q: I arranged my Queues and it doesn't work when I click Save.

A: You were probably arranging Queues underneath the (Automatically Arranged) section. Those Queues cannot be arranged. Try dragging them above the (Automatically Arranged) section.

Q: My new section vanished when I clicked Save.

A: Your section was beneath the (Automatically Arranged) section and was deleted.

Q: Can I arrange Queues in the (Automatically Arranged) section?

A: No, you must create a new section above the (Automatically Arranged) section and drag your Queues into it in order to arrange them.

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