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How to create my own queue?

One of the benefits of a Premium membership is private queues.

Setting up a queue sounds like a daunting process, but it's actually very user-friendly. When you're ready to open your own queue, click Stories, My Queues.

Select Create Queue.

There are 8 steps to create a queue:

Step 1: Type the title of your queue and any information that your members will be able to see. This may include the purpose of the queue, what kind of feedback you're hoping to get, what kind of stories will be submitted, etc.

Step 2: Choose what kind of queue. There are two choices. A Personal Many-to-One queue is open to all CC members, but it's a queue where only the owner can submit stories; everyone else critiques. The other, a Private Many-to-Many queue allows all members to submit and critique stories. Only Premium members can join this kind of queue.

Step 3: Choose a credit system. You can choose to have the same kind of credit system as the public queues (three credits to submit a story, credits given depending on length of the story and crit, etc.). Or you can choose to use no credits; people post their stories for free and don't get credit for critiquing.

Step 4: Choose a time period for your queue. You can choose to have your queue run on CC's Wednesday to Wednesday schedule, where there are a limited number of stories each week and they're switched out every Wednesday. Another choice is to choose no period for the queue, where stories go up as they're submitted and there is no time period. In this case, people can critique at their leisure until the owner chooses to move the stories into the archives. A third option allows you to choose your own time period for the stories in your queue.

Step 5: Choose the members you'd like to invite. You also have the option of inviting your potential members to join your personal forum. This is a good idea if you'll be using the forum to discuss the stories in your queue.

Step 6: Send them an email invite. Type a message inviting people to join your queue. People will have the option of joining or declining.

The last two steps let you decide how your queue will physically look.

We recommend watching this tutorial video on Private Queues:

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