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Can I print out pages from Critique Circle?

Some pages such as stories and critiques have a "Printer-Friendly Version" button which allows you to print out a page that has a specific layout for printers, but even if the page you are on does not have such a button you can still print it out in a pretty nice way without any menus or other extra elements.

Simply print the page as you would normally do (through File->Print or the Print button on your browser's toolbar) and the layout in your copy will be tailored for the printer. You can also select "Print Preview" in your browser beforehand to see what the printout will look like.

It is recommended that you enable "Print Background color and images" for best effect, whether you are printing in colour or black&white. This is enabled through Internet Explorer's "Options" page or Firefox's "Page setup" page. This step is not crucial but your printouts will look nicer. 

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