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No. At this time, Critique Circle is not a venue for poetry critiques.

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No, you can't. Because of sensitive copyright issues, no fan-fiction is allowed on Critique Circle. Sorry!

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Yes, you can.

When you submit your work, you can select "non-fiction" as genre.

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Critique Circle does not accept erotica as such into the public queues. You are welcome to set up a private queue for that purpose.

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As long as the material is your own and not in violation of copyright almost everything is acceptable, with the following exceptions:

No Fan-fiction

No Poetry (however, you can submit poetry to the Poetry forum for discussion and feedback)

No Pornography

No Bestiality

No Sex scenes involving minors

No Over-the-top gore

No Explicit sex (see more below)

Our position on Erotica:

In the public queues, Erotic Romance (racy but the heart of the story is a Romance, not Erotica) stories are fine, as long as they are always accompanied with the appropriate adult content ratings. However, even with the 18 years of age adult content marker, CC is a multicultural melding pot where ages of majorities differ, and we ask that anything stronger (Erotica, bondage, domination, etc.) are only submitted to the Romance queue if the submissions falls within the guidelines or to private queues at the request of Erotica private queue owners. In this we must err on the side of caution to protect minors and other CC members who may not wish to accidentally come across Erotica in the public queues.

To find private queues that cater to Erotica, check the classifieds (link is on the bottom of the story queue page). Note that the classifieds change and/or some Erotic queues may not be advertized but could still have openings. To find other members who also write this genre, search the members profiles for the tag word, 'erotica' or search the forums for the tag word, 'erotica.'

Our position on Explicit Sex:

There is a fine line between racy sex scenes and Explicit Sex. Most content we see coming through CC that contains sex is perfectly fine, provided it comes with an adult rating. There are several things that can take a sex scene and put it into the Explicit Sex category, which we do not want to see in the public queues. These are some possible indicators of what we consider to be explicit sex:

—When crude language is used for shock value to describe the sex act

—Graphic & copious play-by-play of sexual positions

—Sex where one or more parties are demeaned

—Explicit description of anatomy that is solely written with titillation in mind, rather than to show emotional deepening/plot

—Stuff involving feces or other non-sexual bodily fluids

—Sex with a violence aspect (bondage, domination, etc.)

If your work falls in the Explicit Sex category, then please check the Romance queue guidelines to see if it is acceptable there or submit it to the private erotic queues only, after securing an invite by the queue owner.


CC reserves the right to remove any stories that do not adhere to our guidelines. If stories are discovered and deemed inappropriate before they go into review, you will be refunded credits. If we discover a breach after a story goes up for review, your story will be removed from the critique process immediately and your credits will NOT be refunded.

If you are unsure if your story is fit for the public queues, you are welcome to send the portion of your story you are concerned about to the Moderators via your message box, and they will review the content.

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Yes. If you're not sure your story is suitable for CC, please contact the Moderators HERE.

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