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How do I Critique a Story on CC?

  1. Choose a Story to Critique.
  2. When the story opens click on Critique this story or Write Critique (in blue letters on the upper right).
  3. The critique writing screen will let you put in opening comments: perhaps something about who you are, or why you chose to critique this story.
  4. Under the section for opening comments you will find author notes. We encourage you to read these carefully. They might include what kind of critique the author is looking for, some 'where we are so far' regarding the story, or other important items. You don't help the author if your critique doesn't address these issues.
  5. Then you will get to read the story. As you get to each paragraph you can click on it and a box will open under that paragraph where you can make comments on that paragraph. These are called 'in-line comments'.
  6. At the very bottom of the screen, under all the text, there may be author notes: usually things the author would like you to answer now you have read the whole thing.
  7. And under that a box for you to answer those questions, and to make any closing comments about what you have just read.
  8. When you're all good (feel free to go back up and change anything you've written), click the Review and Submit button.
  9. Having done that you will have another chance to edit your critique, to indicate if you liked the story, and then… Send.
  10. Then you should be told how many credits you got for this review. Please note a review needs to be at least 300 words to get full credit.
  11. There, you've submitted your first critique! Go celebrate. (Or, better, submit another one!)

We recommend you watch our tutorial video on how to critique a story on CC:

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