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What happened to "Paste text from Ms Word?"

It's gone. There is no need for that feature any more. Just paste your text directly in from your word processor and most basic formatting will be preserved. Note that advanced formatting like table and multiple columns will not go work.

What happened to the free pass?

Free pass has been deprecated. You were able to buy a free pass for 15 credits which allowed you to place your story into any slot. This meant that if you wanted to bump your story forward by one slot it would cost the same as 3 slots.

The new submission system allows you to bump your story up into full slots by paying 6 credits for each slot that you're moving forward. Typically there are one or two full slots when you submit your story so the cost will be reduced from the previous system.

In addition premium members pay 5 credits instead of 6 for each slot and premium gold members pay 4 credits.

What happened to "revise paragraphs"?

Revise paragraphs has been removed. Premium gold members can now revise their story text freely when the story is up for review. The revision system tries to match the crits intelligently to the changed text. If the text layout changes too much crits might not reference the correct paragraphs but they should generally work fine.

What happened to "frozen crits"?

Inline crits would become frozen if stories were revised or deleted. This would bake out the inline crit with some of the story text. This has been removed. If you delete a story with inline crits the crits will simply contain the crit paragraphs with no story text. Therefore your story will be completely deleted, which is better all around.

Can other people see how long I spent writing my crit?

No, the duration statistic for a crit is just visible to the critter and not to anyone else, including the story author.

What happened to crit labels?

Premium members were able to set labels on their received crits with text and icons. We saw that this was almost exclusively used to mark crits as 'done' with a checkmark icon or to mark crits as 'will not use' with a delete icon.

We have removed this feature and instead added a "Mark as done" button which behaves in the same way as the label. You can then use the "Hide crit" button for crits that you're not going to use.

Can I include images in my stories?

Yes... If you're a premium member. We don't want to have to deal with issues arising from new anonymous members uploading pictures so we decided to allow only premium members to upload pictures. You can include pictures in your stories and in your crits.

What is "Story draft"?

When you start to submit your story in the new submission wizard it is saved automatically on the server. You can leave the wizard at any time and come back to it and the story draft will be waiting for you. You cannot save multiple story drafts; there is just the one you were working on last. You can access your saved draft from the front page Reminders box or just by opening up the submit story wizard again.

What is Revise crit?

Premium Gold members can now revise their crits after they have been submitted. This gives you the chance to fix any embarrassing typos that might have slipped in or to make minor changes. Each modified paragraph will be marked with an icon showing that it was modified to reduce confusion for the author who might have already read the unedited crit.

Where is the "Save story" and "Printer friendly" buttons?

These buttons have been removed. The stylesheet associated with the pages is now more intelligent and will detect if you are printing out. Therefore you can just use your browser's print feature on any story or crit page and you will get a nicely formatted print layout. Your browser should also be able to save the document as pdf instead of printing it out.

What happened to the grades?

The old grading system has been discontinued. This was always a big matter of contention with regards to wording and the placement of texts. Most long term members just gave each other perfect scores out of etiquette anyways. Now we just have a simple 1-5 star system with 1 star being unhelpful, horrible, probably should report it crit and 5 stars being perfect. You cannot give 0 stars, 1 is the lowest.

You can pick a grade by clicking on stars like in the picture below.

If you made a mistake in your grading you can reset the grade and grade again, no harm no foul.

What about the thank you note?

Thank you notes are no longer connected to grades. You will notice that you have a big green "Reply" button and then the stars below. You might want to reply immediately to all your crits but then grade them once the period is over for example so it's convenient to split these up.

Right now the reply button just takes you to the message box but we will make this fancier when the message box is rewritten.

How do I add a chapter to a novel?

The novel process has been greatly simplified. You no longer need to add chapters from the novel page and then add submissions into those chapters. Simply select the novel and chapter in the story submission page. There you can choose whether the submission should have a chapter number or just a title, how many chapters are in the submission or whether the submission is a part of a chapter.

How to I disconnect a story from a novel?

In the old system you needed to click a 'disconnect' button on the novel page and go through a whole process to remove a submission from a novel. Now the process is much simpler. Just click 'Edit Info' in your story page and change the 'Novel chapter' to 'Lone chapter' and your story will no longer be connected to the novel.

What happened to novel revisions?

In order to simplify the novel system revisions have been removed. You can achieve the same effect with the new 'label' system which allows you to add a custom label to any novel submissions. Existing revisions have been moved over to the label system so if you had revisions in your novel it will look similar now.

My chapters are out of order, how do I fix it?

In your novel page you can click on the Arrange button which allows you to drag and drop your submissions in whatever order you want. If you click Auto arrange they will be arranged automatically according to chapter number. When this function is used all but the most recent submission in each chapter will be hidden from other users and marked as 'inactive'. You can also do this yourself by clicking on the checkbox in the list.

This allows you to post multiple revisions of each chapter in your novel without having to worry about people reading an old version. Just mark a submission as 'not active' when you're done with it.

Where is view all inline critiques

Here it is.

How can I show uncommented paragraphs?

Here it is.

If I quote something it seems to be stuck and everything in the text box is quoted.

If you press enter twice you will close the quote box (press enter in an empty quote line)

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