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How to Submit a Story on CC?

Before you submit your story on CC, please make sure to read it over (check grammar and spelling) and make sure it is ready to be critiqued.

Here are the steps to submit your story:

1. Go to the navigation bar on top of the page, click Stories -> Submit story.

2. Pick the right queue for your story. If this is your first submission, your story goes into the newbie queue.

3. Fill out the title of your story (working title is fine). Choose type of story and genre. Copy and paste your story in the window. Info on how to preserve formatting from Word HERE.

4. Insert author notes before and after (optional but recommended). If you need to warn your readers about language or content in your story, please make sure to fill out content advisory (mild language, adult situations, sexual innuendo, etc).

5. In this step you have options. You can select a critique period for your story (as soon as possible). You can purchase a free-pass (additional 15 credits), restrict access (choose who can read your story: all members, all who have ever critted, only those who have critted in the last month, only experienced members with more than 10 crits or those who are currently active members), donate extra credits from your own account (in private credit queues only) and mark the story contains offensive language/material (under 18 years old can not view your story) if appropriate.

6. Review your submission. If everything looks okay (please check!) click Submit Story.

That's it! Your story will appear in your story list in the "My Stories" page under "Story Queue".

Watch our tutorial video on how to submit a story:

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