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What's a Premium Gold membership?

Premium Gold Membership adds another layer to the benefits of Premium Membership by expanding the benefits.

In addition to premium benefits, these extras are also included:

Unlimited message box 

CC won't delete any of your messages!

Unlimited number of people in your personal forum 

You are no longer restricted by the 20-member maximum.

24 member Queues

You can have up to 3x24 member private queues on your account!

Up-for-review editing 

Unlike normal Premium Membership, which only allows for editing prior to a story being up for review, Premium Gold Membership allows users to make minor edits their stories while they are live in the public queues. Note that you cannot replace the whole story while it's up for review but you can edit individual paragraphs to fix small issues.

No archive of stories 

Normally, stories are archived after a certain period of time to conserve space. As a Gold Member, your stories don't get archived unless you want them to!

No advertisements

Premium Gold members have the option to configure or even turn off advertisement completely through your settings panel. We do appreciate you visiting the sponsors from time to time though as it helps to run CC.

Twice as many buddies

You can have up to 48 members on your buddy list instead of 24 which is the limit for Premium members. Never lose track of a friend you've made on CC.

If you currently have a premium account and want to upgrade to Gold, please send a message to administrator and we will give you a quote for the upgrade.

For more information on Premium Gold Membership, click here.

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