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Welcome to the Great CC Glossary!
This project is a work in progress. Please help us make the glossary better by chiming in on the Glossary thread.

Here are a few things you need to know about this glossary.

Entries are put in 4 categories:

1. Writing terms

2. Crit slang

3. Publishing business

4. Helpful links

This is to help authors see what are accepted writing methods and what are criticisms. It also helps to clarify what readers want versus what an editor wants.

You can type a word into the white search box just below, and it will automatically find that word in the glossary. Or, you can scroll through the list in alphabetical order.

If you're looking for a term that doesn't seem to show up, stop by the glossary discussion thread. If we don't have the word listed, you can request that we add it.

We strive to make all definitions as clear and understandable as possible. While we can give you a good idea of what a term means, we can't always go into great detail. Many of the more complicated subjects have helpful links for further research.

The helpful links section also has assistance on learning the different genres. Since literary genres are fluid and constantly evolving, it's very difficult for a glossary to define them.

Lastly, it's important to note that these terms are not unique to CC. They are common slang throughout the publishing world.

Happy writing!

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  • Helpful Links
  • Helpful Links

     Exhaustive List of Publishing Industry Jargon
    Have a possible offer and can't figure out what your agent is talking about? Timothy Fish is here to help.

     Turkey City Lexicon
    Excellent resource for science fiction authors. Includes more detailed and sophisticated crit terms. Maintained by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. List is available on their main website.

     Narrative Distance Explanation
    Dave King Editorial has a fantastic essay on narrative distance.

     List of Popular Genres
    What's the difference between urban fantasy and high fantasy? Paranormal romance or gothic romance? This should help.

     Point of View Consistency
    Is first person really more intimate than third? How does an author avoid POV hopping? The brilliant writers at Novel Writing Help have some answers.

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