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Help the Critique Circle by buying stuff. If you want to buy wares with the CC logo on it please go to the CafePress on-line store.
There is a moderate ($1.00 - $3.00) markup by Critique Circle on these items .
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In order for the Critique Circle to reach as many people as possible we ask you to place a link to us on your personal web page or blog. We've created a few banners and buttons which you can place on your web site. Every link to the Critique Circle is important to us.
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We have a very limited advertising budget and must therefore rely mostly on word of mouth, hoping that our members mention us on other writing forums they frequent, perhaps link to us from their own websites. Unfortunately, word of mouth is a rather slow method of promotion.

For those who want to help us advertise, we have small posters/flyers available for download and printing. One is in color, the other in black and white. We'd appreciate it if you could print out a few and pin on bulletin boards in your home town — for example at a library, bookstore, college — wherever you think they might pull in members.

We appreciate your help. Thank you!

The flyers are available here:
Color (MS Word) Color (Adobe Acrobat)
Black/White (MS Word) Black/White (Adobe Acrobat)

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