The Pages of Lost Time
by Sharon Lea Ford
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PublisherEloquent Books
Release Date2010-01-10 (added to CC 23 Jun 2010)
Amazon Sales Rank99,999,999
Tom and Jenna are two teens, suddenly orphaned and sent to live with their uncle. Their despondency was perhaps the porthole that allowed something different, something new into their young lives; as oftentimes, vulnerability can let life's strange mysteries in. But what is real and what is imagination? Is there a dimension in between those two existences? Tom and Jenna find this world when they discover a secret book in their uncle' s home. Thrust inside the book, they land in a world where the sky is dark, the trees lifeless, and the wind, chillingly cold. As they merge from one chapter to the next, they happen upon bloodthirsty beasts; some futuristic, others ancient. Only time will tell if the world they've entered is real or a fragmented part of their imaginations. Sharon Lea Ford writes a thrilling story that young fantasy fans will gobble up in one reading. With vivid imagination, she weaves reality and fantasy brilliantly, capturing the innocence of youth when faced with enormous challenges. The author is currently writing the sequel to The Pages of Lost Time. She lives with her family near the Gold Coast of Australia. Publisher's website:
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