Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5)
by J. K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré
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PublisherScholastic Paperbacks
Release Date2004-08 (added to CC 3 May 2009)
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I say to you all, once again--in the light of
Lord Voldemort’s return, we are only as strong
as we are united, as weak as we are divided.
Lord Voldemort’s gift for spreading discord and
enmity is very great. We can fight it only by showing
an equally strong bond of friendship and trust.

So spoke Albus Dumbledore at the end of Harry Potter’s fourth year at Hogwarts. But as Harry enters his fifth year at wizard school, it seems those bonds have never been more sorely tested. Lord Voldemort’s rise has opened a rift in the wizarding world between those who believe the truth about his return, and those who prefer to believe it’s all madness and lies--just more trouble from Harry Potter.

Add to this a host of other worries for Harry…
• A Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher with a personality like poisoned honey
• A venomous, disgruntled house-elf
• Ron as keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch team
• And of course, what every student dreads: end-of-term Ordinary Wizarding Level exams

…and you’d know what Harry faces during the day. But at night it’s even worse, because then he dreams of a single door in a silent corridor. And this door is somehow more terrifying than every other nightmare combined.

In the richest installment yet of J. K. Rowling’s seven-part story, Harry Potter confronts the unreliability of the very government of the magical world, and the impotence of the authorities at Hogwarts.

Despite this (or perhaps because of it) Harry finds depth and strength in his friends, beyond what even he knew; boundless loyalty and unbearable sacrifice.

Though thick runs the plot (as well as the spine), readers will race through these pages, and leave Hogwarts, like Harry, wishing only for the next train back.

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Member Reviews
(19 Jun 2018)
(21 Sep 2016)
(1 Apr 2016)
(30 Jan 2015)
When I was younger, I didn't like this book as much as the first few; the daunting length aside, I felt that it was simply too dark for me. Now that I'm older, I can appreciate the dark humor and I find that this might be one of my favorites! To dispute any, ah, naysayers with purely my own opinion, I think that Harry us acting perfectly on character as a fifteen year old boy suffering from the recent trauma of witnessing the death of a friend, experiencing terror beyond what he'd felt before, and being outright tortured. This ought to put a strain on a person, I think, and that doesn't even take into account the natural trauma that comes with being fifteen.

So. Love the book, love all the books actually. I highly recommend these to any self-respecting fantasy fan, as well as anyone who enjoys coming-of-age stories.
(20 Sep 2014)
(18 Aug 2014)
(9 Nov 2012)
(24 Oct 2011)
(17 Jun 2011)
(17 Apr 2011)
(20 Dec 2010)
(13 Sep 2010)
(12 May 2010)
(4 Dec 2008)
(3 Oct 2007)
This was one of my favorite books in the entire series. I loved it!
(1 Jul 2007)
Urgh, this book just disappointed me. It was well-written, I guess, but for JK Rowling, it was too long, too winding, and Harry was acting way out of character. Even though he was going through a difficult time, he was just too out of it.
(4 Feb 2006)
I got so bored with this series, and do not recommend it to anyone.
(7 Jul 2005)
(23 Jul 2004)
A gripping read.
(30 Jun 2004)
Best book yet. Gritty and fantastical all at once. Highly recommended!