The Camel Club
by David Baldacci
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PublisherGrand Central Publishing
Release Date2005-10-01 (added to CC 24 Oct 2010)
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The Camel Club. Four members, four stories, one philosophy. Men with no past and no future, they spend their time studying wild conspiracy theories that reach to the highest levels of government. One fateful night ,The Camel Club witnesses a shocking murder and realizes that even their wildest theories are not as horrifying as the truth...

Soon, they have an ally in the person of Alex Ford, a career Secret Service agent who,while investigating the murder, realizes that a far larger crime is being put into place.Ford and the members of The Camel Club must subvert a misguided mission that threatens to usher in a terrifying new era, sculpted by one man's horribly distorted vision of justice...

THE CAMEL CLUB is vintage Baldacci:intelligent, terrifying, thrilling fiction that could be tomorrow's fact.

Member Reviews
(3 Sep 2013)
Baldacci at his best. He weaves a unique, intricate, and imaginative plot that takes a while to get going but once it does, you won't be able to turn pages fast enough. Just when you think you've figured out where the story's going, a new twist or character, or motivation, or fact pops up to divert the plot line.

He does a masterful job of raising the stakes during the last fourth of the book, causing the reader to wonder how the heck the good guys will escape this newer, more dangerous peril. Ending is solid, with the probability of a sequel all but certain by how Baldacci left the relationship between Oliver Stone (the protagonist) and Carter Gray (the true antagonist, out of many).

My one minor quibble is I don't feel he introduced the supporting cast of the Camel Club as fully as he might have. It took me most of the book to get a feel for all the relationships and the bonds between the four members. But knowing that this is a multi-book series, I'm sure they'll develop stronger relationships as time passes.

Highly recommended for Baldacci fans as well as all political thriller fans.
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