Yule Lads
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Yule Lads, or Yulemen, (Icelandic: jólasveinarnir or jólasveinar) are figures from Icelandic folklore who in modern times have become the Icelandic version of Santa Claus. Their number has varied throughout the ages, but currently there are considered to be thirteen. The Yule Lads were originally portrayed as being mischievous, or even criminal, pranksters that would steal from, or in other way harass the population (at the time mostly rural farmers). They all had descriptive names that conveyed their modus operandi. The Yule Lads are traditionally said to be the sons of the mountain-dwelling trolls Grıla and Leppalúği. Additionally, the Yule Lads are often depicted with the Yuletide Cat, a beast that, according to folklore, eats children that don't receive new clothes in time for Christmas.
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(24 Dec 2014)
(24 Dec 2014)
Love it!
(24 Dec 2014)
(18 Dec 2014)
(26 Dec 2010)
(24 Dec 2010)
(21 Dec 2010)
Trying to find the stupid Yule Lads!
(21 Dec 2010)
(21 Dec 2010)
(20 Dec 2010)
(20 Dec 2010)
Unbelievable!!!! But. . .the Yuletide Cat lives with me.
(20 Dec 2010)
I spent hours looking for this book.
(20 Dec 2010)
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