Roaming Cadenza (A Bard's Folktale)
by Aramis Barron
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Release Date2011-04-11 (added to CC 18 Jun 2011)
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“They always say, ‘Today is the beginning of the rest of your life,’ but I guess that doesn’t really say much for everything I’ve done up until now, does it?” – The Diary of Alma Grey

Kody Lehane is your average laid-back happy-go-lucky dork. Doesn't have much going on, and doesn't worry about a whole lot. Following high school graduation, he and his friends are lost and full of ambivalence (and let’s face it - bored), so they figure they might as well go out and have some fun!

Together with his crush, ex-girlfriend, and mentally
unstable sort of guy-friend, they decide to take a road trip across the country to see what they're missing out on. Mystery, intrigue, and indie rock bands, as well as so many other things, lie in store for them as they find a whole lot more than they're looking for.

Of course, their travels are rife with lots o' drama, comedy, and good times aplenty, not to mention heaps of the essential sex, drugs, and rock & roll (and a feisty cantankerous feline).

But one should never forget that among the shadows, the
mysterious drama llama is always afoot, eagerly awaiting more
free spirits to fall into its furry llama grasp...

A guilty pleasure, a generally good time, and most importantly:
a grown-up book for grown-up people.
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