The Twilight Saga Collection
by Stephenie Meyer
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PublisherLittle, Brown Young Readers
Release Date2008-10-15 (added to CC 8 May 2009)
Amazon Sales Rank133
This stunning set, complete with all four hardcover books as well as four collectible prints, makes the perfect gift for fans of the bestselling vampire love story.

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(12 May 2016)
(11 Jan 2013)
(17 Jun 2011)
The movies are more interesting then the books. Just my opinion.
(6 Mar 2011)
(22 Jan 2011)
(11 Dec 2010)
(1 Sep 2010)
this book and the rest of the twilight saga series collection are very good and are interesting to read and i love them a lot including the parts of the books that got made into the twilight saga movie series, and i like the situations that detail everything between Edward and Bella to when she is with Jacob and when she is with her friends or her dad, because i have seen all three movies which are twilight, twilight saga new moon and twilight saga eclipse and i can say i love them all and i can't wait to see part 1 and part 2 of breaking dawn in theaters next year and the year after that so i recommend anybody who's not sure if any of these books are great to read them because they very interesting and are really good books to read that you don't want to put down because you want to finish all of them, and i'm happy that everyone here loves them as well and is reading them and are big fans of them too!
(25 Jul 2010)
This book was "AMAZING", it explained every little detailed situation dealing with Bella, Edward, and Jacob. To be sure I went to see ALL three of them, "Twilight", "Twilight's New Moon", "Twilight's Eclipse".
(5 Jul 2010)
I used to love that saga but know I dont like it any more
(2 Jun 2010)
I have to agree with Dumbledore. I've cooled to it considerably. Even as I read it, I thought Meyer was too long winded. I think the entire series could be easily shortened to 3 or even 2 books. The introspection is so heavy with this author, it gives me headache. FYI I hated her book The Host. I'm done reading Meyer until she can tighten her writing up.
(4 Apr 2010)
Ugh. Twilight. Makes me shudder. I can't believe I ever liked it.
(30 Aug 2009)
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