Agartha's Castaway
by Chrissy Peebles
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Release Date2011-08-27 (added to CC 5 Sep 2011)
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Dinosaurs, abduction, and a hidden civilization were never part of Casey Smith’s vacation plans. That is, until a freak storm tossed her and two best friends, Mike and Jack, out to sea. When they wash up on what they presume to be a mysterious tropical island...they soon discover that being the least of their troubles. In a jungle that teems with impossible creatures, UFOs, and an unworldly landscape, the three friends need to team up to fight danger...without letting their emotions tear them apart. Can they find a way to survive the harsh jungle…and its deadly inhabitants?

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(26 Oct 2011)
All I can say: Falling 20 ft into a nest of dinosaur eggs - wouldn't want to be there. Read it - Peebles has you scrambling to get out and hyperventilating with anxiety! My favourite part of the book - I'd reread the scene again, but Im still a little scared!
Highly recommmend.
When's the second book coming out? Cliff hanger has me wanting to save the missing person and seeing who Casey's going to fall in love with. gotta love me a love-triangle!
(11 Sep 2011)
Agartha's Castaway was a fantastic read, fast paced with plenty of action and adventure, great characters, the right amount of romance and lots of chemistry between the characters.

Casey's vacation with her parents and best friends, Mike and Jack, should have been the trip of a lifetime, not least since she's had a crush on prize-winning surfer and heartthrob Mike for ages. But instead of having a good time, Casey loses her parents in a storm and is stranded on what seems to be a deserted island with Mike and Jack. Soon they realize help isn't likely to come any time soon. In fact, they don't even know whether help with come at all. With no water to drink and no food, Casey and her friends withdraw deeper into the jungle in search for a place to spend the night. The problem is in the jungle nothing is as it seems. There are creatures Casey thought had died millions of years ago. Every step taken becomes a fight for their lives and every decision made will decide over their future.

I loved Casey. I thought she was likeable and had a backbone. She's clever and not the usual heroine loved by everyone because she's so pretty and no one can resist her. She actually has a charm that goes beyond physical appearance. Her love interest, Mike, was cocky and confident, and I could see the attraction between them. My favorite character, however, was Jack. I thought he was clever and funny. The mystery of the island kept me interested until the last page because the twists and turns kept coming. A thoroughly recommended read. I hope the sequel will be out soon!
(7 Sep 2011)
(7 Sep 2011)
What a great book for young and old. This story is full of adventure and fun. The characters are hilarious and the author has the dialogue and actions of teenagers so perfect. The MC, Casey, is very endearing, and is also like a young Lara Croft, but much funnier. Her two best friends, Mike and Jack, will have you laughing at their funny antics. There's also a love triangle and unusual prehistoric animals that will excite any reader. If you loved Jurassic Park, you'll absolutely love this book. However, the plot is quite different, and there's twists and turns that'd you never expect. I highly recommend it. It will have you on the edge of your seat right to the exciting end.
(5 Sep 2011)
A totally different kind of adventure! You'll find yourself sitting on the edge, waiting for the next turn of a corner, your heart racing, legs pumping, fearing for your life as you run through this tumultious inhabitans. If dinosaurs aren't enough to scare you! I found myself right there with Casey and the boys, teaming up against the impossible, all while dealing with raging hormones.

A must read for those who love the thrill of a wildly dangerous adventure . . . with a twist!
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