Pandora 2011
by Ivan Borodin
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Release Date2011-09-14 (added to CC 2 Oct 2011)
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%The Crescent Beach Mall in South Carolina was your basic modern shopping center—boutiques, movie theaters, eateries, and a packed parking lot—until reality unraveled on the inside. Now the mall is a supernatural oddity known worldwide as “Pandora’s Box.” People travel from miles around to have their chance inside; some come out, and some are never seen again.

Native to the area, Sebastian doesn’t mean to cash in on the possible tragedies of others, necessarily, but he finds there’s money to be made by a tour service into the bowels of Pandora. He gives visitors ample warning: if they have certain strong phobias or hidden shame, they might not want to go inside. It’s up to them to listen. As his business progresses, the locals of Crescent Beach begin to realize the effects Pandora’s Box may be spreading.

Children’s toys become weapons, pets mutate into monsters, and the flow of time itself is corrupted in the nearby vicinity of the odious mall. Sebastian may be in over his head, but then so is the entire town of Crescent Beach. Sheriff Valerie Dunn is there to back up the morally bankrupt tour guide, but can they withstand the power—and temptation—of Pandora’s Box? It’s time to hit the mall; leave your psychological baggage at the door.
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