Power of Love
by Barbara Elsborg
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PublisherEllora's Cave
Release Date2009-05-20 (added to CC 9 Oct 2011)
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Joe is a lost soul.When Joe is killed in the line of duty, the result of a blunder by his girlfriend Poppy, he ends up stuck between worlds, not quite in heaven, not quite in hell. Heaven is Poppy lying in his arms, hearing the sound of his name on her lips as he makes love to her, again and again. Hell is the knowledge that to save Poppy, he must convince her to let him go. Poppy is a soul lost.Joe was Poppy’s heart, her soul, and since he died she’s lost it all, including her sanity. Everywhere she looks, he’s there—talking to her, touching her, sharing ice cream, showers and making love to her like there’s no tomorrow. But tomorrow does come, and letting go of Joe could destroy her. Sometimes love lasts a lifetime. Sometimes love reaches beyond death. Sometimes…love lasts forever.

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(16 Oct 2011)
What started out rocky, soon became evident what the relationship between Joe and Poppy really signified.
The Power of Love is altogether a different kind of story and a very well orchestrated story about life and death.
Not only does the steaming hot scenes shoot you the sky and back, but also brought those indwelling feelings only true love can create.

A few favorite quotes/paragraphs (with bleeps to hide spoilers!): *Joe moved into a rapid, fast, pulsing movement, the friction winding her again. He changed the angle of his (BLEEPED) Poppy shuddered (BLEEEEEEEEEEPED)gripped him tightly. Aware in the periphery of her mind that she could no longer feel the bed beneath her, Poppy clung tighter to Joe. (##!%&$) they were floating! His wings were out and didn't appear to be moving but maybe that was because they were going so fast. Poppy felt the heat (BLEEEEEEPPPPED), it clicked into a higher gear. Her internal organs played musical chairs as her stomach leapt into her throat, her heart dropped into her stomach and her brain nestled firmly between her legs. They were in the air, hovering over the bed.*


*Joe knew he'd found the answer. He'd had to let the dam burst and his soul escape to see how important she was to him. Joe held himself tense, waiting for some triumphant fanfare telling him he'd got it, but nothing happened.*

And then the ending . . . I thought I'd be left with disappointment, but then Ms. Elsborg throws in another twist and left my heart rejoycing!

This is the second book I've read by Barbara Elsborg and I've got two more waiting. Looking forward to the next two reads and on to more by this author.
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