Tailon: the Unexpected Gift
by Johanna McMahan
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Release Date2006-11-30 (added to CC 25 Oct 2011)
Amazon Sales Rank4,697,236
Tailon is the story of a girl who learns about life as she grows up. The catch is... she's not from this planet, or any other planet we've heard of. Enter a world where earth doesn't exist, where every planet has a unique culture and feel. Tailon is a young girl just trying to survive in a universe crushed by an oppressive government. But Tailon seems to have hit a patch of bad luck as one thing after another interferes with her happiness. And just when she thinks her luck has turned around, that she might actually be allowed some peace, she discovers she has a deadly secret. Join Tailon as she learns about her past, her secret, and... her tribe?
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(25 Oct 2011)
Okay, I'm biased. I love my book, warts and all. In truth, I have plans to rewrite it into smaller books. But first I'm working on a new novel that I'll be submitting here. Oh, and you'll have to excuse the pen name. At the time, I thought 'Snow Leopard' sounded like a cool name to have. But I think I'll use my own name on my books from now on.