by Odigwe Silverline
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Mawa was the only child of a king of a vast empire. She was beautiful and powerful. As a princess she had girls in waiting who attended to her needs - they regarded men as unequal to themselves. She felt no man could win her heart because the men were not as powerful as she was, and none could make her feel what women claim to feel. She made men cringe before her, until she learnt about a Prince Bawa who, after a series of power tussle, was able to prove to her that there was a man that she could surrender herself to, like every other woman. This was to the joy of her parents who had been praying for her to get married and produce an heir to the throne.

Odigwe Silverline has written a thrilling yet poignant portrait of a relationship between a princess and her parents, a portrait of a family dependency, and an unusual prince who proves to be her perfect match and saves her from the vagaries of her own misguided and self-indulgent egotism.
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