A Marry, Merry Christmas
by Terry Long
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PublisherBradley Publishing
Release Date2012-12-04 (added to CC 18 Jan 2013)
Amazon Sales Rank804,900
His Indecent Christmas Proposal, by Terry Long Penelope Paine had never encountered a man who went out of his way to disturb a woman’s bubble of serenity, until she met Victor Langdon, her employer’s infuriating brother. For the life of him, Langdon couldn’t leave the governess alone. The tempting woman amused him beyond reason with her proper-as-a-nun appearance, but sharp-as-blade tongue. All it took for Penelope to see her own heart was when a festive Christmas ball goes awry, but will Langdon’s sweltering attraction be doused to scorn when dismal secrets arise? A Love Like That, by Lynn Kellan Tina Hudson needs a fake boyfriend, fast. Otherwise, everyone will try to fix her up for New Year’s Eve. She asks her brawny neighbor on a “date” even though their fictitious romance will be a tough sell. Wade Scott is the strong, silent type who appears to be her polar opposite, which is just as well. He won’t pry about the love she lost. Tina’s plan to ring in New Year’s alone goes awry when Wade begins to woo her with actions, not words. When he offers her a love like that, is she strong enough to start over? Forever Winter, by Amber Daulton Disaster? Susanna Lorican’s vocabulary did not include the word, at least not on her wedding day. Despite fate’s every attempt to thwart her union with Viscount Camden Beckinworth, nothing would keep the determined woman and her beloved from the altar, not even snow or smarmy relatives. Trudging through every disaster with one goal in mind, the young couple vowed to let nothing truly ruin their long-awaited day. After all, happily ever after came only once in a lifetime. Together at Christmas, by Susan L. Kaminga Penny Mitchell believes her only chance for love was lost when her husband Michael died in combat two years ago. Rick Hartmann has contented himself to a life without a woman to love or a family of his own, until a small boy is put in his charge, and Penny Mitchell comes along. When Penny’s son, Ben, misses their train to Poughkeepsie over Christmas break, and L...

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