Fraud on the Court: One Adoptee's Fight to Reclaim His Identity
by Mike Chalek, Jessica Gardner
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PublisherUniversal Technical Systems, Inc.
Release Date2012-11-23 (added to CC 8 Mar 2013)
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"Fraud on the Court is a true compelling story of an adoptee's struggle to overturn his fraudulent black-market adoption and reclaim his real identity. I couldn’t put Fraud on the Court down. You won't be able to either!"
- Joe Soll??, psychotherapist and author of Adoption Healing ... a path to recovery.

“Fraud on the Court will grip the heart of any reader, whether you have been touched by adoption or simply understand the universal longing for a deep sense of connection. This book speaks to the core of what makes us human.”
~ Major King, Denver TV Broadcaster

In his startling new memoir, Mike Chalek reveals how the adoption practices of the "Baby Scoop Era" led to his fraudulent placement with an adoptive family that had purchased him for $200 from a well-known baby broker. He delves into the details of his highly charged quest to reunite with his family of origin, and we get a first-hand glimpse into the difficulties faced by many adult adoptees in the US today.

Mike's quest did not end with reunion, however. After obtaining a court order to unseal his closed adoption record, he set legal precedent by suing to have his fraudulent adoption overturned. As groundbreaking as his victory was, adoptee rights have not experienced the hoped-for boost that he thought might follow. In this book, Mike seeks to set the record straight and tell the story of the one member of the adoption triad whose voice has been broadly ignored to this point: that of the adult adoptee.
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