Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1)
by Christopher Paolini
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PublisherKnopf Books for Young Readers
Release Date2005-04-26 (added to CC 24 May 2009)
Amazon Sales Rank7,564
Now in paperback! Fifteen-year-old Eragon believes that he is merely a poor farm boy—until his destiny as a Dragon Rider is revealed. Gifted with only an ancient sword, a loyal dragon, and sage advice from an old storyteller, Eragon is soon swept into a dangerous tapestry of magic, glory, and power. Now his choices could save—or destroy—the Empire.

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(1 May)
(20 Mar)
(15 Sep 2018)
(7 May 2018)
A great book that is not as good as its sequels. I think it could be made better, but its still a good book. I liked it especially because the writer was a teenager!
(3 Aug 2017)
The book is fantastically slow paced, filled with loads and loads of semi-relevant information, and stars a Gary Stu who reads like some misfortuned mashup of badass and incompetent. That being said, the provided world building and the side characters are very interesting. The series improves dramatically by the end of the second book, but I would not start this series if you are not patient enough to suffer through a book and a half of mediocre writing. By the time I finished the Inheritance quartet, it earned a place in my heart(and on my shelf)

If you're interested in this book because of dragons, check out Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.
(26 Jul 2017)
(6 Feb 2017)
This book is amazing and has great world building. It has a believable magic system and the races and have very well thought out cultures and customs. I definitely recommend this book.
(18 Sep 2016)
Pacing is very slow, especially for a fantasy. No wonder his books are so long. However, the story itself and world-building are interesting.
(20 Sep 2014)
(16 Mar 2014)
I enjoyed this story allot. Even though the plot is at some points allot like LOTR. It is also a book that is hard to get into and has allot of boring moment. These things still haven't stopped me from loving this book.
(8 Nov 2013)
(19 Oct 2013)
(4 Mar 2013)
(24 Feb 2013)
(14 Jun 2012)
(4 Jun 2012)
(15 Apr 2012)
The book was a tad slow in parts and maybe a little tough to get into, but it was a nice read, especially for one so young. The main character is a little whiny but one can really see the personalities of other characters. I will say it can get dull, but nobody should try to stop Paolini from writing. I'm sure he enjoys it. If you have a good imagination, you can make it your own.
(23 Dec 2011)
(25 Sep 2011)
It starts out dull. The writing is not the best, but the story behind the idea is interestingly fascinating. Well, at first. After a while it becomes annoying and rather repetitive, and I can't understand how some people can look up to this writer. If he were writing for a younger group, then it would be fine. I first read this when I was eight and loved it. I read it now, nine years later, and find myself hating it. There are so many better books out there.
(21 Sep 2011)
(6 Jul 2011)
(31 Jan 2011)
It's a light reading and very entertaining.
(24 Nov 2010)
(25 May 2010)
I've the read the last book in the series, just waiting for the next one. I liked it very well, slow at times but still enjoyable.
(6 Mar 2010)
I liked the story line. I have yet to finish the last one though.
(3 Mar 2010)
One of the best fantasy books that I've ever read. Though the movie isn't as detail the book seemed to have took me inside the world and it was almost as if I was there allong side the charaters. Awesome.
(8 Aug 2009)
He's creative, talented and going to be a powerful writer some day, but not quite yet.
(13 Jul 2009)
I also felt that it was a Tolkien clone and not a very good one. There were interesting parts to the story, but overall I felt that the story was predictable and a slog to read. I often found myself rereading parts to understand what was happening.
(14 Jun 2009)
Wasn't the best writing ever, but I respect the author for actually getting a publisher to publish it. That said, Paolini is a better businessman than a writer. Hopefully he will come on more fresh when he finishes this series. I still have some hope for him.
(7 May 2009)
All I can say is, Paolini did not prove that young people can write. He ripped off Tolkien, Lucas, Funke, and Rowling. And he didn't even pull it off well.
(5 Feb 2009)
I thought this book was really enjoyable to read... was slow in parts but i find it quite interesting

(22 Oct 2008)
I thought it was great!!!
(4 Apr 2008)
If this guy is considered a prodigy, then I must be Shakespear.
(7 Jan 2008)
Suffered through the first few paragraphs. The writing is primitive and ideas are not origianl. It was like reading a poorly written fanfic to Lord of the Rings.
(12 Nov 2007)
I love this book! Pretty amazing that someone could think otherwise, but we all have our opinions dont we...
(20 Dec 2006)
Simply dreadful writing. Overwrought and tedious, yet peppered with irrelevent details. What more could one ask for from a bestseller?
(8 Feb 2006)
I read the first few chapters of 'Eragon' and was completely bewildered at how this book made it to the bestseller lists. The writing is dull and rambling, and from what I've heard the plot is a total rip-off of "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars".
(4 Feb 2006)
I find it simply astounding that this book made it so big. I got so bored with this, I almost cried. And, how is the name of the book so clever? It's dragon with an e instead of a d.
(21 Aug 2005)
i listened to this book on tape while repainting my house and found it highly enjoyable. There were a few slow moments, but the language was clear and easy to follow and the characters were a lot of fun. i'm looking forward to the next one.
(31 Aug 2004)
Doddering, dull, dreary. I am seriously astounded about how this book has become so popular so quickly. Steer towards better fare - the Harry Potter Novels, His Dark Materials, Coraline.
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