Evarde's Legacy
by H.L. McCulloch
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Release Date2013-03-28 (added to CC 27 Jul 2013)
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A close-knit group of adventurers awake one night to find themselves in the middle of a Shadowsplice. With the town of Happsburg threatened, Ariel the elven wizard, Cale the human paladin, and Feris the halfing rogue, must team up with an unlikely ally in order to save the town. 'Olde' fel magic from an ancient age leaks from a coffin within Happsburg Cemetery. A coffin that now lies empty...

Evarde's Curse has been unleashed on the world.

But the horrors of the Shadowrealm aren't all the heroes must contend with. The group's every step is shadowed by a powerful necromancer. His name is Vontarim, The Dark Steward. His life force is imprisoned within a magical orb that lay within the coffin and the keys to freeing himself are almost within his grasp.

Is good and evil measurable and as simple as black and white? What of the many shades of grey? Cale's faith as a paladin will be tested.
How do people show such courage in the face of death? Every ounce of Ariel's magical skills will be exhausted in order to save Happsburg and her friends.
Can one overcome a lifetime of cowardice and self-preservation to save the ones they love? Feris' friendships may be shattered.

There are precious few days left before the Shadowsplice is irreversible and Vontarim grows stronger with each passing minute. He will stop at nothing to be rid of his host body and once more assume his true form. A race against time begins. Will the heroes be in time?
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(17 Dec 2013)
Course I'd say it was 5stars